Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No Surprise Here!

I have received several phone calls and emails today from people who have heard that Chavez is threatening to take over private schools. This is not news. He has been threatening this for over a year and of course he will! He must do it! He will have to control the minds of the children and I have no doubts he will do so.He is requiring all schools to use the Bolivarian texts...of course.

Castro did it, why wouldn't Chavez?

What impresses me is that people outside of Venezuela seem surprised by this. Only one Venezuelan blogger I saw even posted about this. There is a short article in some papers, but we are all expecting this and more!

Read more here. I did have to laugh at some of the comments!

Update: Some have asked how this differs from the public education in the US.The difference is you have a choice. You can send your children to a private school which are not required to use State curriculum which is being written by the president who wants to remain in office for life. You can home school. This is what is being denied the parents of Venezuela. They are not to have any choice as to what texts or schooling their children will use.

From El Universal

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Monday said "the red Constitution (the way he calls his proposed modifications to the Venezuelan Constitution) does acknowledge private schools, but private schools have to respect the red Constitution and abide by the Bolivarian education system."

Chávez claimed he would take over private schools that "do not follow the Bolivarian education system." If any private school fail to meet such system, "then, such school will have to be closed down, taken over, and nationalized, and we shall take care of students," Chávez warned.

He rejected the fact that in the past some Venezuelan governments considered privatizing schools "as a plan of the imperialism to prevent people from accessing education."

His comments came during the opening ceremony of a Bolivarian school in eastern Anzoátegui state.

"We have to continue deepening the system of Bolivarian schools," Chávez said.


Sarah Joy said...

I had a peek at the comments you mentioned.

Some seriously brainwashed people.

Caraqueña said...

Wow, Rita! I LIVE in Venezuela, and I think Chavez is quite possibly WORSE than Fidel even...because he's been so sly. I read the comments on your link, and I believe there are some seriously stoopid people on this planet. Only one of those guys had it even half right! Praise God that I still have the liberty to teach my children according to my values, Bible values! What's up with "owning them" and "them owning me"? Yikes!

Jungle Mom said...

Unbelievable stuff!!! And you know none of them live in Venezuela but act a if they know what is going on! Irritating.
I am getting very concerned for some of our missionary children in Barqui!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

he's becoming like his pals the Musslim dictators...someone send a memo to Sean Penn!..arggggggggg!

jennifer said...

I read about this and thought about you and all that you have shared with us. When will we get it??

Elízabeth said...

They waited till monday morning (when school year began here in Venezuela) to make the anouncements. I understand there are over 500 pages in the education 'proposal'.

I'm sick worried...


Gayle said...

The comment section over there is just proof that our public school system is not working. Wow, do we have some ignorant people in this country, Rita!

Chavez taking over the school system in Venezuela is bad news indeed. God help those poor people living down there! Our public school system is bad enough because of the infiltration of liberals, but at least they aren't run by a megalomaniac dictator. I don't care if he was supposedly elected. I know a dictator when I see one.

The Preacher's Wife said...

I have an honest yet maybe stupid question...

What difference is there in what Chavez is doing than what the US has already done? Taking God out of our schools and disallowing federal funding for anyone who dares breath His name during course study? Obviously I believe Chavez is one dangerous dude, but how can we be outraged over him when we are as quiet about our own schools as Venezuelans are theirs?

Just wondering....:))


Jungle Mom said...

preache's wife,
The difference is you have a choice. You can send children to a private school which are not required to use State curriculum. You can home school. This is what is being denied the parents of Venezuela. They are not to have any choice as to what texts or schooling their children will use.

Rancher said...

We as a Democracy also get to set policy on what is taught as well as influence on local school boards. Venezuela will use this to indoctrinate the children. Think Mao, think the Hitler Youth. I predict, and I hope I’m wrong, but kids in Venezuela will soon be turning over their parents for wrong thinking if Chavez uses this tool to its full effect.

Jane said...

When we were in Venezuela in August no one knew WHEN school would start because Chavez was 'rewriting' history.
As of a couple of weeks ago, school still had not started.
We are going back in October. It will be interesting to see what has happened.

A Note From Theresa said...

Blogger messed up on me, my new blog address is


Ashley said...

but what's going to happen to the missionaries who are still over there? Certainly they won't allow the state to take their children?
But it's not like they have a choice...I mean, how long can they actually hold out?

Jungle Mom said...

school started yesterday.

Jungle Mom said...

There are not many missionaries left. Most missions have asked for the families with children of Venezuelan citizenship to leave. It should not effect those whose children are not Venezuelan or not of school age yet. But it is only a matter of time.

Obob said...

the tyrant Chavez who is adored by the left in America will be jealous of his move.

Tina said...

My husband just read us the article in our local paper before our devotions tonight. It is sickening.

So very thankful that I do still have the freedom to teach my children at home.

The Preacher's Wife said...

I understand, Rita..you are right, we do have so many freedoms and choices we take for granted.

I'm glad you are home! :)