Monday, November 19, 2007

For New Readers

This Had Been Our Home,

This is an article that we had written for our missions magazine last year. I thought it might explain our situation a little better for some of you who do not know us.

by Clint Vernoy

From the window of the Cessna 206 aircraft we took one last, long heart–wrenching look at the jungle village that had been our home. Circumstances beyond our control had forced us to leave a decade of work in the jungles of Venezuela. How do you simply fly away from ten years of working to learn a language…to establish a home, and to build relationships with some of the most precious people on earth? We had shared our lives with theirs, mingling our joys and sadness. We had become family with these Indian tribesmen through the blood of Jesus Christ! Through tear–stained eyes, we said good–bye to our Ye’kwana family, and the village they called ChajuraƱa.

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Jane said...

What a beautiful testimony. I know your hearts broke when you had to leave these precious people. Every time our plane takes off from the Caracas airport my husband and I look wistfully out the window and just pray that we will be allowed to return.
With the way the leader acts we never know what will happen. We love the people so much and they have ministered to us in ways I cannot begin to explain. We just thank God for the privilege of working along side such wonderful Christians.