Friday, June 04, 2010

MAF 9-1-1 of the Jungle

I thank God for all the lives that have been saved by the MAF program. They served us for several years and often made emergancy medical evacuation flights for the village.

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Gringo said...

Courtesy of a link that a Devil’s Excrement commenter provided:
Malaria epidemic hits southern Venezuela.

Malaria cases have doubled in Venezuela so far this year as health officials confront an epidemic in a vast southern region where wildcat gold miners are often infected in remote jungle camps.….. Granados said one Yekuana Indian community earlier this year reported six deaths — including three children and three adults — that came after they suffered high fevers and appeared to be due to malaria. But he said state health officials ruled out malaria saying the deaths were due to other causes and did not include them in their tally.

More at the link.