Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup

This blog will be temporarily interrupted due to the author's obsessive viewing of 
The World Cup.


Brooke said...

See you after you soccer bender. ;)

Brenda said...

We are planning all of our activities around the games.

Dani Joy said...

Us too! jeje! Go USA and then Spain!

Well, I will take time to catch up on your blog. I have missed visiting.

Dani Joy

Z said...

my commenter FrogBurger's coming today with his wife (with French food!) to watch USA v Britain.
Am looking forward to that!
Living outside the States does give us a better appreciation for soccer.

Your new Granddaughter's so beautiful!

ABNPOPPA said...

WHAT! No Saturday comics! I'm depressed! Ok, enjoy the soccer!


JulieMom said...

We are missionaries in Joburg to the Deaf and have been worried about extra traffic (on already OVERCROWDED highways) but PTL it's not been too bad!

Wish we had tickets to see the USA play, but we don't. It's been non-stop excitement around here as well! Vuvuzelas, however, are quite annoying. :0)