Saturday, June 12, 2010

USA ~ 1, England ~1





Imagine what we could do if Americans even cared about soccer???


firepig said...

True Rita

Here most talented athletes gravitate towards basketball, baseball, and football where the hero worship and college scholarships are greater.I personally think it is more fun to watch soccer so I hope it catches on more in the future, though I dislike the craziness of some Soccer fans.

It is getting more popular here, but still has a way to go.

marion said...

Imagine what North Americans could do if they cared about football aswell =) ... Bueno - Well done!!! Bravo and congratulations - You guys were passionate and relenteless and deserved to win rather than draw.
Shame on useless England!
Paraguay para la copa !

Findalis said...

Soccer? Never heard of it. If it isn't played in the colleges then I don't watch!

Gigi said...

What happens to the kids of all those soccer moms (and dads)? What do they grow up to play?? If only that enthusiasm and love of sport would continue on, you might get your wish!

Brooke said...


Soccer? Futbol? HuH?

redneck preacher said...

Soccer isn't that a little kids game in France or something?

Just kidding, I like to watch.