Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Power problems...and still no internet!

Yesterday I turned my dryer on for the first time... and all the lights went off...not just in my house but the entire street! I was so mortified that I had done that with my little dryer! Then the lights came back on because it was a planned outage.

 I had nothing to do with it this time!!!!


J.H said...

Hahhaa... lucky you!

Pam said...

Just that time tho!
Hey I actually put up a new blog post. Amber as a bride!

Pam said...

oh and a huge congrats to Paraguay on their victory over Japan today! We saw a former goal tender of Paraguay on UNIVISION, working as a sportscaster, broke down and cried! he was overtaken with such emotion. He is the Paraguayan goalie who retired after last world cup. don't recall his name but he was sort of controversial for being mouthy, sort of like a Randy Moss or Terrell Owens in our American Football realm.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

A Planned outage! Gosh, I hope you don't have to face those on a regular basis. That would drive me insane.

Brooke said...

Coincidence? I. Think. Not.


redneck preacher said...

I can picture someone thinking they broke the entire block. Cool. As a Californian I am looking forward to planned outages also. The togetherness of being green


Kristi said...

That's just so funny.


MathewK said...


What a scary few minutes that would have been.

Hope you have been well JM, haven't been around these parts in a while.

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