Monday, August 09, 2010

If Countries were people...

Every country and culture has its own style and personality. I find that I mentally classify the different countries I have lived in by attaching a human face to that personality.

The United States of America

It's all about success and prosperity. Some folks love us while others detest us. We can be a bit ruthless as we strive for achievement, and yet, people keep coming, hoping to partake of our wealth. Even those who do not like us, often admire our tenacity. Some people find us to be arrogant because we know we are #1 and don't really care what people think of us, bad hair and all!

If the USA were a person, it would be Donald Trump.
Rich, driven, controlling and somehow entertaining at the same time.


I only lived in Mexico for a year but the thing that stood out the most to me was their love of family and food. Very comforting.

If Mexico were a person, it would be Paula Dean.
Warm, friendly and good cooks!


In Venezuela personal beauty is very important, especially among the women. It is said that Venezuelan women are born wearing high heels. There is a great love for children but sometimes, the Venezuelans can be a tad bit overbearing, like we Americans. They can also be violent, but it is mostly just for show. We forgive them this because they really are beautiful people for the most part.

If Venezuela were a person, it would be Angelina Jolie!
Beautiful, but can be over the top sometimes!


What can I say? Paraguayans are so friendly and yet, you just never quite know what to expect in this country. Something new and strange seems to be lurking around each corner. Whatever it turns out to be will be interesting and never boring!You know you are having fun but it seems like something dangerous is happening behind your back, but HEY!  Its all good!

If Paraguay were a person, it would be the character Willy Wonka


I never lived in Canada but its seems to be nearly invisible to us although it is our next door neighbor. We often forget about Canada but do enjoy knowing it is so nearby when needed. You know it is there and in a pinch will help you out, but for some reason Canada never is in the spotlight.

If Canada were a person, it would be the character
Wilson of
the TV show "Home Improvement'.
Our hidden neighbor next door!

Where do you live?
What person would describe your region?


Findalis said...

Israel is Golda Meir. Beautiful when young, tough as nails older, led the nation through bad times.

Here is a photo of her as a young woman:


Kim said...

The Paraguayans face was the funniest! And you're pretty right about us...

Brenda said...

So many things come to mind that I could use to describe SanFrancisco. But I'm not sure I should really print any of them. . . ;)

Gringo said...

Your daughter had a good posting on the kindness of Paraguayans, about how clerks at a store calmed down her crying baby. Which as was pointed out, was not likely to occur in a US store.

What little experience with Paraguayans I have, "kind" or "hospitable" would stick out also.

But like you point out, there is the unknown factor with Paraguay. After all, Paraguayans are fierce warriors, as shown by what happened with Solano Lopez in the 19th century. Maybe Irish women [Eliza Lynch] flip a switch in Paraguayan men.:)

Z said...

I LOVE the idea of this post, how fun and imaginative and thought provoking.

I think Findalis' comment is very good.
I think of my time in Germany, which I know very well, and come up with Sandra Bollock; beautiful, smart, speaks German (heh!), tough and mysterious somehow.

J.H said...

LOLs.... I can't stand laughing my head off :-))