Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Things I See...

Many people make a living just by transporting goods back and forth  across the borders of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay every day.

Some use hand carts, others go by motorcycle and many carry the bags on their backs. There is little, or no, customs or border check.


Brooke said...

Whoa. That looks pretty heavy.

ABNPOPPA said...

I'm with Brooke, man that looks like a heavy load. Hey JM, while your watching those border crossings can you hook me up with some good coffee? I'm getting tired of Maxwell House.


Brenda said...

That IS a fascinating place. So many incredible things to look at.

Gringo said...

And that smuggling has been going on for generations. Quite possibly the same route/product was handed down from grandfather to father to grandson. But considering how open it is, perhaps "teamster" would be more appropriate than "smuggler."

At least those heavy loads have wheels. I was amazed to see rig hands in Guatemala cart 100 pound sacks on their shoulders, given that many of the rig hands were all of 5'2".

Off topic but still of interest.
Here is a Venezuelan-Paraguayan connection to a time when "El Pajaro Chogüi," a Paraguayan folk song, became a hit song in Venezuela: When we were happy and did not know it: Nestor Zavarce is dead.

Quite possibly JM and her family knew of the song when they were in Venezuela, even though it was a hit way back in 1960s. Had they heard the song, I doubt they ever suspected they would end up in the country of origin of that song.

Always On Watch said...

Hmmmm....Anything could be going across those borders, then.