Thursday, November 30, 2006

Good thing we Are Red Sox Fans

This was painted on the wall around the corner from us! Very welcoming!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Passover Play

This is the costume Jewel mad for her part as an Isrealite mother on the passover.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Psalms 105:1
O give thanks unto the Lord; call upon his name:make known his deed among the people.

Yesterday we did the first part, gave thanks. Lets not forget the rest of this verse. Call upon his name. In times of plenty, times of good health, times of ease, we often forget to call upon his name. Lets make an effort to continue to call upon the name of the Lord.

And the last part of the verse, make known His deeds among the people. Have you done that?
Lets be sure and share our Lord with those who need to know of Him.

Those of us here in our own little"blog ring" have a big responsibility. We are alll scattered throughout the world, we all have our own " people" group we need to be sharing with.

I'm so proud of each and every one of you as you serve and are a witness in your own little corner.

My husband, or even my son- in-law, or for that matter, my son, could make this a 3 point sermon outline, all I can do is share my rambling thoughts. But this was what I was reading and it struck me as a 3 part command.

1. Give Thanks

Well thats my 2 cents worth!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Baseball Chapel Thanksgiving Dinner

The food!!!

Thanksgiving, Again!

As some of you know this is our third thanksgiving meal this week. Monday with fellow BIMI missionaries, yesterday ith the american baseball players here for winter ball, and today at my brother-in-law's. Alas, after yesterday and all that led up to it, I am spending this one in bed. My husband set me up with the laptop so I can blog!! My girls brought me a plate of goodies and ice and a 2 liter Diet Coke to have on hand. They also brought me my cell phone, the house phone and the vonage phone!! So I am well cared for.

Here is a list I started in my head; T: time spent with loved ones, H: Hubby, of course, A: America the beautiful, N: news from home, K: kids, all four, plus Brian, S: safety in difficult times, G: grandbaby Elena, I: inspired Word of God, V: Venezuela, my adopted home,
I: in-laws ,here in the country of Venezuela, N: nephews, Josh and Shane, G: good times!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Howdy Ya'll

Come join our fun at church last Sunday as we were in our Mission Conference!!

Indian Tribes

We also took in all our indian artifacts and helped dress up the "indians".

Jewel's choir special

Jewel helped out ,too.

Sister Jewel had to dress up and helped serve. She had fun as well.

Cowgirl and Mom

Proud to be American!!

Tasting Tables

This was the American table. We exhibited a happy meal and gave out the browniies and cookies for tastibg. 400 cookies and 150 brownies. All gone!!

Sunday's activities

Jayde is the blonde cowgirl third from left on the back row.

Nose News is Good News!

The lab reports that all the cancerous cells were removed. Thanks for the prayers everyone. Clint removed the stitches and the healing is going well.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Our Big Weekend Plans

We all have big plans this weekend. I'll start with El Jefe. He is having a Bible Study at the baseball stadium tonight before the double header,with the spanish speaking christian players.He has a bilingual chapel on Sunday for all interested. Its interesting that he also has a good group of umpires attending on Sundays. He started doing a chapel for them since they are not allowed to fraternize with the teams.So He'll do 3 chapels Sunday.Home t4am, visiting, and umpires.
He has his regular Saturday Bible institute in Quibor about an hour away. And besides the chapels on Sunday , it is our church's Mission Month, so we are busy with that.
ME: I am having 4 of my neices and nephews over for the night. There is a Teen girl slumber party at their house. So, we are using the video porjector and speakers we use for ministry, but tonight it will be for them! We'll watch ,Cars and something for the girls.Saturday I have to get the food reaady for Jaydes display at church Sunday morning. The childrens choir is setting up exhibits of food from around the world for everyone to see after the morning service.I was planning to do tiny PBJ sandwiches and brownies,but my peanut butter is so precious!! Not too sure about sharing it with 800 people.Maybe I'll just display Happy meals and share the brownies? Jayde will be dressed as a cowgirl. Jewel made her a vest to wear. She has the boots and hat and sixshooter. Jewel will help her. She wants to wear Clints MARINE CORP COVER AND UNIFORM...not sure about that either in this anti- american country.
JEWEL: she is going to the slumber party at her aunts. Then she has her own group Bible Study and visitation Saturday afternoon . The youth choir is also singing Sunday, as well as the church choir, as well as the ladies ensamble whee.....
JAYDE: she is ecxcited that her cousins are coming over tonight. She has childrens choir practice tomorrow , but we will wait to see how the tonsilitis is. And she is excited about her display of course. Not many opportunities here to show off being american!!!
Wish you all could be here with us!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Bride of Frankenstein

This is why I am not blogging. Later I will tell you all the things we do that involve moving the nose. Such as chewing, sneezing, smiling....!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Make My Day

I must admit ,after 10 years in the jungle,I am amazed at all this new technology.But...I love the way I can hear from all my family so quickly.(kids,sister,and even long ,lost cousins)
I love the way I can hear from old friends. Stay in touch with people I may never see again on this earth. (Monti)
I love the way I can get to know people that I have never even met.(M.J.)It's fun for me to see my children interact via the internet,even though they are in 3 separate countries.(Maybe Jackie shares a tad too much!)
We truly live in a great day! When I get saddened by the changes in my life,namely, having to have left our home in the jungle,I remind myself of this and other blessings that God is allowing me to enjoy.
So everyone , keep on posting comments!It makes my day.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sin Damage

While contemplating how the sun has slowly,even silently been damaging my skin all these years,it reminded me of the effects of sin in our lives.
We slowly are absorbing all the "junk" of this world and often think."Hey,I'm ok.It's not effecting me." and then one day we wake up and find our life in a mess.Or our testimony ruined.
Then we have to submit ourselves to a thorough inspection and it often involves pain and may even leave scares.Also, just as the sun damage is accumulative and requires vigilance even after we give up the bad habits of exposure and even if we are using SPF100(YEP,thats what I use) without warning a new lesion appears seemingly over night. It is a constant battle.
Sin is the same way. Once we give in ,the effects remain and the temptations are harder to fend off.
Dont you think?

Sun Damage

To my 3 faithful posters! Thanks! I still haven't made it to the salon ,maybe tomorrow.
I did make it to the dermatologist. She inspected every centimeter and every freckle,which took quite some time as you can imagine.I showed here where the 9 lesions had been that I have had removed so far.She was so excited to see sun damage !!She usually deals with latins and that is not normally a problem. So she cauterized 3 more lesions for me. Such fun! I felt like I was the parilla this time.
Unfortunately, I have arecurring lesion on the right side of my nose bridge,next to the eye,that has returned for the 4th time.I have used creams,cautirization,surgery,and bone scrapings, keeps coming back.Since the biopsies show it to be Basal Cell,I have to do it again.And of course she wants me to go to Caracas to see a specialist in Micro Surgery who can take more tissue and leave less scaring.
Now, I'm not vain ,and to date I have had 4 facial lesions removed, but we are talking my nose here!!!and if they take to much skin my eye gets pulled and looks funny! So, I guess I'm off to Caracas.
So pray about that . I need to do it sooner reather than later,but its hard to get an appointment with the specialist.I'ld like to have it done and be healed by Christmas so as not to have it in all the Christmas fotos!!!
I can see it labeled in all the family scrapbooks, Mom as Rudolf!!!!