Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Its summer time in Paraguay and the temperature is around 100F everyday. The way we combat this heat is to drink a lot of  tereré . Yerba mate is consumed in  neighboring countries, but  here in Paraguay it is consumed cold and without sugar, daily, during our summer months. I was told that the habit of drinking the yerba mate as  cold tereré began during the Chaco War. In order for their soldiers to not be discovered by the smoke, or remains left behind from fires, they began to drink it cold and now we can not imagine drinking it any other way on a hot day!

These are our KITS. We do not leave home without one.
A Kit is the thermos, cup and filter straw used for tereré .
Kits are usually personalized.

This is our newest guampa and is made from a bull's horn .

Here you can see the silver filter straw used for sipping the tereré.
It is called a bombilla.

The yerba mate dried leaves are placed in the guampa.

Cold water is carried around in the thermos and special tubular bags of ice are made for placing in the thermos.You can buy this ice just about anywhere, but often people will give it to you.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Human Problem

Our Moral Rebellion is at the root of our Human Problem. Human misery is neither a result of Avidhya (Ignorance of our Divinity), nor it is a product of Kama (desire) & Karma ( Past life deeds). It is a result of human refusal to live under the moral authority of our Heavenly Father.
_ from the book, Legacy Of William Carey... Author, Vishal Mangalwadi

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Planking in Paraguay

 WHY? It annoys my adult children.