Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Things I See...

Yesterday we spent the day at 'La Garganta del Diablo' ( The Devil's Throat) with the kids.

See more photos on my face book page, HERE.

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas Surprise

My son and his wife showed up on my door step this morning, a total and complete surprise the kids have been planning since July!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Down Town

This is a re-post of one of my first trips down town here in Ciudad del Este. Thankfully, it is beginning to feel more normal for me, and yet, I sort of miss the wonder of it all that one senses on their first steps out into the wild city of the east!

Yesterday I almost tripped over the Arab men smoking their hookah because I was looking at the Chinese lady selling the silk kimonos. But the Portuguese man called out a warning. I then took refuge in the christian Korean store.
This city is culturally ADHD and I may need to start taking some Ritalin!!
Did I mention the man playing the Steinway piano in front of the Sushi bar? He had a CD with a Sinatra song, entitled, "MAY HUEY". (My Way)

I  also found Rolex watches even I can afford! Who knew????  But I best not discuss here what the guy tried to sell us as we crossed the street in front of the protest march before the National Police blocked the road! Speaking of protests, Paraguayan protests are like a Sunday School parade compared to the ones in Venezuela. It was so calm we were already IN it before we realized what it was!

After that we walked back to where we had left our car parked...right in front of the TAXI line '11 de Septiembre'. (September 11).

Then we had lunch at a Brazilian steak house with a room full of  Chinese people.

This city, Ciudad del Este, is like the duckbill platypus of cities! As if God took all the left over fragments of societies and dumped them down here together on the edge of nowhere just to confound the rest of us!

OH WAIT! I fit right in, don't I????

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Things I See...


Doing what she does best!

Friday, December 09, 2011

Have you ever?

Listened to the sound of rain falling upon a palm roof?


Heard the songs of howler monkeys in the jungle?


Seen a sky only God could paint?

Watched the majestic macaw soar overhead?

Fallen asleep to the sound of the river flowing past your window?

Swam beneath the spray of a waterfall that has no name?


Listened to the thunder roll across the jungle, and heard the voice of God?

Followed the tracks of a jaguar down to the creek,
hoping to catch a peek?

Walked under a moon so bright, it cast your shadow at mid night?

Stand under the jungle canopy, looking up...and see no sky?

Felt the sun beat upon you as you paddle down stream
in a dugout canoe?

Loved a child with dark, black, shiny eyes?

Swam in a current that nearly takes you away?


Eaten a sun ripened pineapple, straight from the garden?


Held the hand of a tribesman, and truly felt him to be your brother?

Smelled the smoke of a camp fire, hours before you arrive?

Been held in the embrace of an Indian grandmother, 
who "rocks" away your pain?

Eaten a fish that was swimming only moments ago?

 Had your face lovingly painted in onoto, and felt beautiful?


Had to leave it all, not knowing when , or if you would see them again?

I would like to thank  the Venezuelan jungle missionaries who have contributed  these photos. All photos are original to Jungle Mom, Don Arnold, Mike Dawson, Pastor Von, Micah Jank, and Jonathan Reed.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

My Week End

 via Facebook ~

Janus decided to eat her mattress last night. I think she is assuming this will allow her back into the house at night.
Please pray for safe travels for Clint tonight as he drives to Asuncion.
Saturday Night~
Clint Vernoy arrived safely. I should have asked prayer for those of us who did not travel out of town. We had a little 'encounter' on the way home tonight, but all is well.
 Even later~
So after our little adventure with the cops, involving a breathalyzer, I arrived home to find Janus without her collar so I could not get a hold of her to keep her in the yard while the gate was closing. Finally we made it in the house and discovered the cats had killed a bird in the bathroom and it was full of feathers and gore... and the neighbors are having a very loud party!
 Later yet~
  The girls decided to make crafts which ended up with lydocaine and bandages... and this was after all the OTHER stuff on the way home.
When I got home last night, Janus the Great did not have on her collar. This morning I noticed she had a swollen neck. I found her link collar wound up in the hammock strings and broken in three pieces. I can only assume she fought her way out of a terrible experience with the collar and hammock. Poor baby! She is getting lots of extra love and attention today.
Sunday mid morning~
I received a call from  my daughter across town telling me that Elena thought she heard a baby chicken outside and went to help it. She set off the house alarm and woke everyone in their neighborhood up early on this Sunday morning. At least now everyone knows they have a LOUD alarm! The two chickens then came into the house. One was escorted out and the other is hiding in the girls bathroom but the bulldog got in a few good bites so there was plenty of blood. Then they discovered that their dog, Captain Alice was gone. Brian  had to drive around looking for her, but she finally showed up at home on her own.

And now, off to church to see what new adventures await us!

My husband has his own excitement last night. After preaching for the all day Anniversary service of a church there in Asuncion, he was given tickets to go to the night game of our favorite Paraguayan soccer team with the Paraguayan pastor. Someone in the crowd threw a fire cracker and they all were escorted out of the stands and the game was canceled.
 God writes a lot of comedy... the trouble is, he's stuck with so many bad actors who don't know how to play funny.
~Garrison Keillor


Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Things I See...

Janus the Great and the kitten with a death wish!
Actually, Janus is pretty patient with the kitten and we often find them sleeping together in the morning.