Saturday, November 04, 2006

Make My Day

I must admit ,after 10 years in the jungle,I am amazed at all this new technology.But...I love the way I can hear from all my family so quickly.(kids,sister,and even long ,lost cousins)
I love the way I can hear from old friends. Stay in touch with people I may never see again on this earth. (Monti)
I love the way I can get to know people that I have never even met.(M.J.)It's fun for me to see my children interact via the internet,even though they are in 3 separate countries.(Maybe Jackie shares a tad too much!)
We truly live in a great day! When I get saddened by the changes in my life,namely, having to have left our home in the jungle,I remind myself of this and other blessings that God is allowing me to enjoy.
So everyone , keep on posting comments!It makes my day.


Pam said...

You are such a talented writer. You really should write a book! I'm also very happy for you to feel a little closer to us all. I'm sure I can speak for all your other "commentators" here when I say, 'We are pleased to feel so connected to you as well!'I am so proud you are my little sister. One question - How did you get all the brains?

Jackie said...

First thing this morning I checked out all the blogs to see if the revenge had taken place! LOL
Yes, technology is wonderful, it makes the world seem so much smaller.

Pat said...

Funny how God orchestrates life ---even when we cannot see what He has awaiting us!! We are so closed minded sometimes to the here and now!!

What a joy to see your family "laugh together" through the internet of all things, but at the same time providing us some joy and insight to your family....
You guys are great!!

Teresa said...

Ditto what Pat said...The interent is great and I absolutely love being in the know about you all. On the way to church this morning I found myself saying, "Rita said.... or Jackie said." Felt so good. All of us want to know how your lives are going and it's wonderful to be able to to some extent. I truly love you each and every one dearly.