Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sun Damage

To my 3 faithful posters! Thanks! I still haven't made it to the salon ,maybe tomorrow.
I did make it to the dermatologist. She inspected every centimeter and every freckle,which took quite some time as you can imagine.I showed here where the 9 lesions had been that I have had removed so far.She was so excited to see sun damage !!She usually deals with latins and that is not normally a problem. So she cauterized 3 more lesions for me. Such fun! I felt like I was the parilla this time.
Unfortunately, I have arecurring lesion on the right side of my nose bridge,next to the eye,that has returned for the 4th time.I have used creams,cautirization,surgery,and bone scrapings, keeps coming back.Since the biopsies show it to be Basal Cell,I have to do it again.And of course she wants me to go to Caracas to see a specialist in Micro Surgery who can take more tissue and leave less scaring.
Now, I'm not vain ,and to date I have had 4 facial lesions removed, but we are talking my nose here!!!and if they take to much skin my eye gets pulled and looks funny! So, I guess I'm off to Caracas.
So pray about that . I need to do it sooner reather than later,but its hard to get an appointment with the specialist.I'ld like to have it done and be healed by Christmas so as not to have it in all the Christmas fotos!!!
I can see it labeled in all the family scrapbooks, Mom as Rudolf!!!!


Pat Howard said...

Rita, Do not know if you remember me from Hillsdale. Anyway, I love your blogs - I will pray for you as you seek the help of the specialist. You can always face the other direction in the pic, and use Photoshop to adjust the pics -LOL....God bless you as you endeavor to serve him--you're in out prayers.

Pam said...

oh Rita! You make me laugh! This is so funny. I am sitting here in my seat just a bouncing with laughter! Keep it comin' Sis! Oh I loved the way yuo acknowledged your THREE posters!

Jackie said...

Here I am! Faithful Poster #1! I'm number 1 cause I got this whole thing started!!! ;-)
I think you already had one Christmas as CB, the church banquet was at Suzy's house, that was the night that Rocio threw up!! LOL. I guess you weren't the only person feeling ill that night.
If you do have to go to Caracas, I hope you get to stay in a nice big plush hotel. I highly reccomend the Euro Centro one, but go when you're not stranded there with your best friend on your way to college. It's more fun and less stressful when it's a planned trip!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey I was reading your blog and i started to laugh so hard I almost cried but anyway I know how you feel Caracas is a very busy city I was there yesterday there was so much traffic. well I'll see you later bye