Friday, November 17, 2006

Our Big Weekend Plans

We all have big plans this weekend. I'll start with El Jefe. He is having a Bible Study at the baseball stadium tonight before the double header,with the spanish speaking christian players.He has a bilingual chapel on Sunday for all interested. Its interesting that he also has a good group of umpires attending on Sundays. He started doing a chapel for them since they are not allowed to fraternize with the teams.So He'll do 3 chapels Sunday.Home t4am, visiting, and umpires.
He has his regular Saturday Bible institute in Quibor about an hour away. And besides the chapels on Sunday , it is our church's Mission Month, so we are busy with that.
ME: I am having 4 of my neices and nephews over for the night. There is a Teen girl slumber party at their house. So, we are using the video porjector and speakers we use for ministry, but tonight it will be for them! We'll watch ,Cars and something for the girls.Saturday I have to get the food reaady for Jaydes display at church Sunday morning. The childrens choir is setting up exhibits of food from around the world for everyone to see after the morning service.I was planning to do tiny PBJ sandwiches and brownies,but my peanut butter is so precious!! Not too sure about sharing it with 800 people.Maybe I'll just display Happy meals and share the brownies? Jayde will be dressed as a cowgirl. Jewel made her a vest to wear. She has the boots and hat and sixshooter. Jewel will help her. She wants to wear Clints MARINE CORP COVER AND UNIFORM...not sure about that either in this anti- american country.
JEWEL: she is going to the slumber party at her aunts. Then she has her own group Bible Study and visitation Saturday afternoon . The youth choir is also singing Sunday, as well as the church choir, as well as the ladies ensamble whee.....
JAYDE: she is ecxcited that her cousins are coming over tonight. She has childrens choir practice tomorrow , but we will wait to see how the tonsilitis is. And she is excited about her display of course. Not many opportunities here to show off being american!!!
Wish you all could be here with us!


Anonymous said...

Ah...I wish I could go to your house tonight. I would love to get a squeeze from Johnny, Jeanah and Janelle. And what I wouldn't do to hear Jason laugh!! Miss all of you!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you will be busy! Especially busy having fun!!! Sleepovers are great! I haven't had one in like 13 years! I can't wait until Mikayla get a little older and wants to have one!

Pat said...

Sounds like a houseful of fun!!

I am glad you are getting back to things at you have some good coverup??

I love kids--their energy, their excitement, their desire to make anything fun....just wish I could bottle the energy and take a swig occasionally!!

Have fun---enjoy making your joyful noises unto the Lord!

P.S. My girls and I loved Cars!

Anonymous said...

Can I come? Haven't seen cars yet but Shaney Pooh wants to real bad. Is it good enough to get him for his birthday? Clean, etc? Let us know how it all went down at the sleepover!

Teresa said...

Sounds like a party over there. Woohoo!! I watched cars with Kritin, we liked the wrecker, he's cool. We liked him for his body. Hee, hee, not really, I think it was his accent.