Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving, Again!

As some of you know this is our third thanksgiving meal this week. Monday with fellow BIMI missionaries, yesterday ith the american baseball players here for winter ball, and today at my brother-in-law's. Alas, after yesterday and all that led up to it, I am spending this one in bed. My husband set me up with the laptop so I can blog!! My girls brought me a plate of goodies and ice and a 2 liter Diet Coke to have on hand. They also brought me my cell phone, the house phone and the vonage phone!! So I am well cared for.

Here is a list I started in my head; T: time spent with loved ones, H: Hubby, of course, A: America the beautiful, N: news from home, K: kids, all four, plus Brian, S: safety in difficult times, G: grandbaby Elena, I: inspired Word of God, V: Venezuela, my adopted home,
I: in-laws ,here in the country of Venezuela, N: nephews, Josh and Shane, G: good times!!!


Josh, Paloma, Pam said...

I wish we were as creative as you Mom! Let's see:
P is for p-u-u-u-uh, the way we feel after eating!
I is for i-i-i-i-ick, the way we feel after eating!
G is for g-g-g-g-gluttoneous, the way we feel after eating!
And there you have it -- PIG!

Joint effort of Josh Daniel, Paloma, & Pam

Pat said...

We never have to look far to see our blessings, do we??

And, never too far for our kids to bring laughter!

Pam said...

I did enjoy your acrostic. And i really enjoyed giggling (like Elmo - which Josh D. and Shane came out as as well!!) writing the PIG thing above! I will call you soon.

Pam said...

oh tell Jayde my Josh came out as Big Bird like her! Go figure,but he is never bored and always finds things to do. He also marches to the beat of a different drum at times so maybe that is the common thread!!>> beats me!

Jackie said...

P is for Puuuhh... that's classic. I like your list, thanks for including Brian! Hee hee! Merry Thanksgiving...Happy Christmas! ;-)