Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sin Damage

While contemplating how the sun has slowly,even silently been damaging my skin all these years,it reminded me of the effects of sin in our lives.
We slowly are absorbing all the "junk" of this world and often think."Hey,I'm ok.It's not effecting me." and then one day we wake up and find our life in a mess.Or our testimony ruined.
Then we have to submit ourselves to a thorough inspection and it often involves pain and may even leave scares.Also, just as the sun damage is accumulative and requires vigilance even after we give up the bad habits of exposure and even if we are using SPF100(YEP,thats what I use) without warning a new lesion appears seemingly over night. It is a constant battle.
Sin is the same way. Once we give in ,the effects remain and the temptations are harder to fend off.
Dont you think?


Teresa said...

Rita, the analogy is perfect. I just had my 3rd lesian burned off. Must run in the family. All my love and prayers cuz!

Jackie said...

Great comparison. Very true. The Christian life is never boring that is for sure. We are at battle, and what a battle it is. But, it will be worth it all!

Pat Howard said...

Rita: It is amazing that sin comes, no matter the "protection" (salvation)...and I am ever amazed on its effect on those about us - it is all encompassing...and often life changing for many!! May you be healed by the Lord!!

Keep bloggin!!

M.J. said...

WOW! Great blog post. I agree completely!