Monday, February 05, 2007

21 x 2=??, but still smiling!

Php 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.
My husband greeted me with a nice gift bag all prepared! Chocolates and a little something he had ordered and had shipped to Venezuela for me and NO! I wont tell you what it is!!!!
So far , its been a good birthday! A lot to be thankful for.
1.Found chicken back on the store shelves!
2.Saw white sugar, but decided not to get in that line since it was so long and we have some not-so-white-sugar we bought from the Chinese market
3.I bought black beans a few days ago straight from the farmer , about an hour away. I paid the official government controlled price, and then gave him a nice TIP.

Please understand that we are fine. We feel no danger other than the normal crime, but we are careful. If I stay in my home and around my friends and my church members, I wouldn't even notice the anti-Americanism fad.

URGENT PRAYER: Prudence does not allow me to share much, but some friends here are experiencing life and death difficulties right now. We need divine intervention for their protection. Please pray.


Pam said...

Glad your day is providing "special" things for you!
Here is a little something I forgot on your birthday tribute:
R - Republican
I - Independent thinker
T - Tenacious
A - Anxious (per Shane!)

J - Jolly
O - "Obnoxious" (lol - private joke!)

R - Redeemed by the blood of Jesus
I - Intrepid
F - Funny
F - Flirtatious ?
E - Eager to serve

V - Virtuous
E - Encourager
R - Right Winger
N - Nosy
O - Observant
Y - Yacks A Lot

I remembered how much you like acostics! LOL

Ashley said...

Hmm...woohoo. I can do the math!*pats herself on the back*

I think maybe I'm glad you didn't tell us what it was? O.o

Wow, I never thought of white sugar as something difficult to get.

Pat said...

Glad you are in touch with the supplies again!! Cannot imagine baking without sugar....the not so white kind---is is sone kind of cane?

We are on the prayer chain!!

Pallacanestro said...

Happy bday auntiii!!!!!!!

Shane Rios said...

Happy birthday first of all. I hope that you had a good birthday too. So whatcha been up to for these last few days?

serendip said...

Hope you had a grand time on your birthday.You and your friends will be in my prayer. Please keep on smiling. Take care and may you have God-filled day everyday.

Jungle Mom said...

There is plenty of food. Just certain things that for no obvious reason, are hard to get. Then all of a sudden, It's back and it will be something else. Now its matches???And milk.

Jungle Mom said...

Pat, its called, Rubia, which is blonde.It is just less processed than white, but a little more than brown. This way they can sale it at a higher cost to avoid the government price controls on white processed sugar. When there is a will there is a way! Or, capitalism always wins!