Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Family Matters

This is to be a very busy month for us. We just finished the Venezuelan Pastors retreat and next week we are teaching in the annual Marriage Workshop here at our church. Alot of the material is the same , except for the ministry related topics. So far we have 30 couples signed up. This is an evenings only workshop at the church. Friday night we will be taking everyone out to the campgrounds by bus for the "practical" classes and fun. Just a chance for city folks to walk on grass and see the moon and stars.
Then on the following Monday, we begin the 6th annual Independent Baptist Ladies Conference also hosted by the church here. Clint will be speaking twice as will I. Last year we had over 300 women from across the country!
Clint is also preaching a series each Sunday morning on child rearing. It has been well received. The series will continue for the entire month of February.
Next month he will be teaching the same material at another church across town.
He is till teaching in the Bible Institutes. So, he is busy.
I keep busy at my own slow pace. I have been dealing with some health issues and am feeling very run down.
Homeschooling continues, but I must say it is nice to have only 2 students! Jayde is having problems with Math and Dad has taken over that class.But excels in Creative Writing!!!
Jewel is a Bridesmaid in several upcoming weddings . So that involves dresses and fittings and shoes and jewelry and... we had to tell her, "NO MORE WEDDINGS!!!"
Jackie and Brian are happy in their new house which is closer to where they are working. It is smaller, but less expensive, HOWEVER, they have had Internet problems. Elena is growing and so is the little one still in the oven.
Josh is doing well at his new job, PTL. He is paying his own way through school so he needs a good job. He loves preaching and volunteers for every chapel, SS, whatever.
The prayer request I mentioned earlier continues to need prayer.

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Baptist Girl said...

Hey Junglemom

Looks like you have been truly blessed! God is good.