Monday, February 26, 2007

Words of Bolivar, The Liberator

"Huid del país donde uno solo ejerza todos los poderes: es un país de esclavos"
Simón Bolívar

Translation: Flee the country where all power is exercized by one person:it is a country of slaves.


serendip said...

Great quote. Thanks for the translation.

I found this website that you might be interested:

Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for this site, I can relate!

Pat said...

Many peoples think slavery is only physical work. However, the mind, body and spirit are all involved. To that is is the END.....people are mindless robots...serving that which can kill.

Granted, peace can be found only in the Lord!!

Winston said...

What are the chances to get rid of Chavez?

Jungle Mom said...

Winston: It was great to find your comment. I have to be a
little careful in how I say this since I am HERE, but, I don't see it happening soon.