Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not the Big news, but news worthy, just the same.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Al Qaeda threatens Venezuela and the United States

DUBAI (Reuters) -- A Saudi wing of al Qaeda called for attacks on U.S. oil sources across the world, saying targets should not be limited to the Middle East and listing Canada, Venezuela and Mexico as U.S. oil suppliers.

I find this interesting and wonder how Chavez will react.


serendip said...

This is indeed news worthy. I saw a program on PBS about Venzuela and the Chavista who are being made into welfare queens and kings just like the Iranians who have about 10 million of them as Basijis. I think Chavez is emulating Iranian's disatrous economic policies that will end up bankrupting the country.

Happy Valentine's day. Stay safe.

Rancher said...

Happy Valentine's day. Nevertheless big news indeed. The Iran -Al Qaeda relationship has always been tenuous, what with Al Qaeda killing scores of Shia any chance they get. I am with my son against my brother, I am with my brother against my cousin, I am with my cousin against. . . . The enemy of my enemy is my friend…etc. Still, makes a difficult situation much worse when someone didn’t get the message that we are supposed to be on the same side. Someone is going to get reamed over this, as Patton did over opinions he expressed about the Russians.

Sherry said...

I think it's high time the US did the drilling for oil. Only the Dems won't let them. How Sad. I just wanted to wish you and your hubby a Happy Valentine's Day.