Monday, February 19, 2007

The Scattered Sisters

You may wonder who the Scattered Sisters are that my friend, Monti, has mentioned in a few comments. Reading her comments has made me a bit nostalgic for them all.

The Scattered Sisters is a group of missionary wives who, up until last year, were involved one way or another with the tribal ministries of Venezuela. We were a rather close knit group, and due to the abrupt ending of our ministries and the consequent moving of us all, many of us never even got to say goodbye to one another.

Monti seems to be the one to keep us all informed of each others where abouts and happenings, and we ARE scattered. Lest see, a few of us are still here in Venezuela, but in different cities. One is in Mexico, one in Ecuador. Two in Idaho, two in Florida, one in N.C. after having been in Afghanistan and is on her way to Russia. Did I miss anyone?

I miss so many of them and their friendship. I will always count them as a special part of my memories of Venezuela and the jungle especially.

So that is who we are and why we are called , The Scattered Sisters. It has nothing to do with being Scatter brained!!! I assure you!


Pat said...

Everybody needs their friend/support groug. It is much needed if one is to survive the calling and the issues of missionary wives!

Jackie said...

I know the Scattered Sisters pretty well...and some are scatter brained!! :)

Pam said...

AWWW So sweet! I had read that comment about the scattered sisters and wondered if it meant me in any way!