Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Blog

The Birth of a Blog!

Little did I know! Way back on October 28, 2006...this blog was born. It had a very rough beginning and was not planned, or frankly, even wanted! But here it is, with a mind of it's own!

Here is how my very first post read:

Hey, I'm back. I've recreated myself.
After several failed attempts, here I am again.
I guess all those years in the jungle set me back in my computer skills.
This time I have everything written down on paper and hope to maintain this site for at least a week.
This is a test, only a test.

How did it begin??? An accident!

My daughter calls me from Paraguay and tells me to check out her blog.

"Blog?" Says I, "What's a blog?"

"MOTHER! You know, a blog!" says Jackie.

"No, I don't know. What is a blog?" Patiently, saintly, I ask.

" You know, on the Internet!" exasperated!

"Well, yes, dear, I have heard of the Internet, but never had much use for it or computers myself." Still very saintly, I respond.

"Just go to my blog and leave me a comment, you'll figure it out!" She said, very impatiently, I might add!

So I did. I sat down in front of the horrible beast, the computer, and I typed in all those odd random letters and POW!!! there is it was... The very first blog I had ever seen! I read.

I had been told to leave a comment...but how??? Oh, I push this key and that key and all of a sudden... I had a BLOG!!!! No comment for Jackie, but I had this...thing on my screen!

What was I supposed to do with it?

So, I call Paraguay.

"Jackie dear, I love your blog!" Always the saintly mother.
"But, I couldn't leave a comment." says I.

"Why not?" she asks.

"Well, I tried but, I ended up with a blog of my own, somehow..." I mumble.

Laughter heard all the way from AsunciĆ³n to Barquisimeto!

Jackie asks " Where is it? I want to see it?"

Santa Rita, "It's on the Internet of course!"

Jackie; " But the address, how do I get there?"

Pitiful Santa Rita, " I have no idea!"

I have only seen that poor blog once since then! It makes me feel so guilty! Sitting there, unfed! Uncared for! But I can't access it! The horrors! Poor orphaned blog!

So, with the help of my daughter, I made this blog, mainly to permit me to leave comments on her blog and write things of interest to my many family members stretched across the globe.

I don't know when, or how, anyone ever even found my little blog!!! I never expected to generate this much interest and certainly never dreamed so many would want to read my daily posts. I often post about nothing at all! But still you come! I had been planning to write a book about our life in the jungle so I decided to test the waters a bit by writing a few short jungle stories on THE BLOG!

For by then, I had people reading each and every day. This was ok by me, as I have tried to discipline myself to write something in my journal each and every day, so now I could write most of it on THE BLOG!

And so, here I sit, typing on my very own laptop, in my very own blog, that nearly 200 people a day come to read! I am honored! I have met some wonderful people online, people I would love to meet one day. I have also met some strange know who you are! But I appreciate the encouragement I receive from so many of you, it keeps me motivated to continue to write our story.

So, THE BLOG and I thank you very much!


Becky said...

Thank you for sticking it out! I love, love, LOVE your missionary stories!

Your blog is always a delight to read. I'm still chuckling about the giant earthworms tasting like slim jims, lol.

gecko said...

You have a wonderful Blog jm! I love reading about your travels, experiences, thoughts, likes and dislikes.
The internet is a great way to meet people, love it. Pam

Tori said...

Wow, so happy accidents happen!
Love your blog and I love hearing about all your adventures in the jungle!

Thriver said...

200 people? wow. i shouldnt be suprised tho your blog is always so awesome to read, maybe it's funny, maybe it' inspirational, maybe i don't get it, but it's still fun!!!

Thursday's Child said...

And I'm so very glad you do have this blog. I love it!

Brenda said...

Daughters are great! It was my daughter who got me to start a blog as well. What would we do without them?

Pat said...

Love reading your life and memories!!

Glad you figured it out!!

And, alot of us caved to the "gestapo" and kept blogging!!
(Notice she blogs irregularly now!!LOL)

Amanda said...

Your blog is great. I always learn something or get a good laugh or both.

Gayle said...

Obviously it was something that was just meant to be, Rita, and you do a wonderful job. You have so many truly interesting stories to tell. What an adventurous and helpful life you and your family have lived!

God bless, and keep up the great work. :)

Barbara H. said...

So funny that this started by accident! I am glad it did! It's enlightening in many ways!

It was so good to see Clint and Jewel yesterday! It's sad that it will be another several years before we have the chance of a possibility to meet "in real life," but that's how it goes! I'm glad we can keep up here.

Thanks so much for my basket! That is so cool. I love handmade things. It seems like every culture has its artisans. I think I am going to post about it for "Show and Tell Friday."

Anonymous said...

You've got a good readership there! 200 a day is quite a success.

Starla said...

I love reading your blog. :)

The Merry Widow said...

Don't feel bad, I was a homeless commentor in my community...then I got; kicked, pummeled and generally bullied into blogging.
Worse, my blogger big brother, The Utterly Awesome Warren of Longrange, set up my blog, and alone it sat from June until Oct. of 2006.
Since that momentous day when I left the comfort and security of homeless commentor into the grown up world of the blogger! About 800 posts later...
I'm blogging and I can't quit typing...



That is so funny!! I am so glad that you got your own blog, if you had not how would we have ever known you and had the opportunity to read all about you and the things and people that you love. Yes, I am very thankful that you have a blog. Have a great day, connie from Texas

marina* said...

thanks! and yes, my blog also got started because of jackie :D

Bob said...

Your blog has been a blessing to me, and tomany others.

Deborah said...

Hi.... I just found your blog through someone else's blog, and I'm so glad I did! I loved reading this post, as I'm very new to blogging and had never seen a blog until a couple of months I can relate to your little 'accidental blog'! I'll be back to visit!

Liz said...

I found you, due to your comments in venezuelan political blogs. Followed you here, to see what were you like... and got hooked!!

I would also like to meet you one day Rita, in the mean time: keep writing, you're very good at it!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

isnt it grand!..all these people u touch and all the info u learn..woohoo!!

American said...

And a great blog it turned out to be...I enjoy coming around, kinda takes us away from the heavy stuff...All the best and I've saved a piece of cake for ya at AI...

I'm Jana said...

So glad you have kept blogging! God Bless!

Paul said...

Reminiscence Department: Hmmm. You might like to read one of my earliest posts. I stuck it up on my joint again just this morning.

This post was interesting and I particularly enjoyed your daughter's post on down below it.

Charles said...

I would love to see an "Adventures of Jungle Mom" book.

But please don't stop blogging.

We love reading your thoughts and stories.

You'll never know how many lives are affected.

MissKris said...

The birth of your blog is similar to mine, in regards to our daughters being the ones to introduce us to the blogosphere. My 3rd 'anniversary' was this month of April and when I think back on all that I've written about, all the changes that have come into my life...what a rich journal for my grandsons to have someday! I look back at my first entry and it's like it belongs to a stranger...I can't believe how far I've come, how much more I understand about life and people and every day experiences. I hope I"m capable of writing until the day I die.

groovyoldlady said...

MY daughter got me started too. She also forced me onto AIM (but she's the only one I'll talk to on it!) and I'm on Facebook - basically so I can play online scrabble with her.

It's a mother/daughter thang!

I love your blog. I always tell people, "Well, I have this friend who was a longterm missionary in Venezuela and she says..."

MightyMom said...

ummmmmm, am I one of those "wonderful people" or one of the "strange folk"?????

ummm, might not want you to answer that!!


200 hits a day is very impressive!

Pam said...

It is a great blog and I can relate to creating one by accident. All for jackie's sake mind you!