Wednesday, April 02, 2008

More Jungle Stories

So, you want more jungle stories? Well, you are in luck as I am working on several right now.
Here are the working titles of a few of the latest jungle/missionary stories soon to come:

The Fishing Moon

A run in with a Coral snake that lands me sitting on top of a Boa Constrictor!

Water Buffaloes on the Air Strip

CSI: Jungle

My Pet Dinosaur

Noah and the "Canoe" ?

Pow Wows are Fun !

Playing Hooky in the Jungle

Ministry can be Messy

How to Annoy the Ministry of Defense officers who are tapping your Phone

The Queen's English and 'High Tea' in the Jungle

My Saigon

But, you all do realize, I am trying to write a book!
So, you just might have to BUY THE BOOK to read all of these!


Glenn Bartley said...

"A run in with a Coral snake that lands me sitting on top of a Boa Constrictor!"

I cannot wait to read this one, and a few of the others!

WomanHonorThyself said...

sure thing..write the book girl!

Jana said...

Yea! I'm so glad you are planning a book! I love missionary stories. Can't wait to read it!

Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

I can't wait to read some more stories. I'll buy the book if I have to.

redneck preacher said...

Please reserve me an autographed copy. I'll bet Yekawana man does the intro.


MightyMom said...

a book??? a book??? you're writing a booK??????/

and when will it be published?? how long are you gonna keep me in suspense here?????

Happymama said...

OH, you MUST begin with the snake story. You just MUST! I'm already biting my nails.


Tori said...

Oh wow, the book sounds like a great thing! I'm looking forward to reading that one!!

Anonymous said...

Cool beans! I love the jungle stories AND the politics.

Rita, I put you in my blog roll under "politics"...mainly because most of my other reads are crafty blogs. Hope you don't mind. You're next to Laura Ingraham and Dennis Prager.

Becky said...

I would SO buy that book!

Shortstuff said...

How to Annoy the Ministry of Defense officers who are tapping your Phone sounds funny! I'll buy the book too if i must. But post at least one of them please!
* suspense! *

Liz said...

The book will be a HIT!

Gayle said...

Yeah, that sitting on top of a Boa Constrictor really caught my eye! That's one experience I certainly don't envy. LOL!

cube said...

Yikes! It sounds like you have enough material for a series of books.

Jungle Mom said...

Sounds like I am keeping good company on your blog roll!

Yekwana Man said...

Wow did we really do all of that? Getting on the plane in a few minutes for Atlanta. Don't know if they'll have free internet there or not. Love you and will be praying that you feel better. See you Tuesday.

American said...

CSI Jungle?? Can't

Jungle Mom said...

And I still blame you for the Boa incident! I might write about how you numbed your lower jaw all by yourself in the middle of the night using a head lamp!

Pam said...

I love these stories. Being that I'm you "kin", I've heard most, but there are a few titles here that sound new to me.Can't wait!

Brenda said...

Are you really writing a book? I have thought about doing that. . .but I don't know how to go about it.

Jungle Mom said...

Brenda, yes, I am trying to write a book. I am looking for an editor willing to handle my terrible grammar! Our mission will most likely be the publisher but I have had a couple of others offer as well. we will see, hopefully it will help with 'retirement'.

Joe Gringo said...


looking forward to it!

When did you decide to write this book, before or after you started your blog?

Just wondering.

Jungle Mom said...

I have been wiring off and on for a little longer than I have been blogging.
Actually, the blog was an accident. I never intended to start one! I was leaving a comment and it created itself and took over my life!!!
I have found the blog to be useful to see if their is a good response to certain stories. In the book they will be much more 'fleshed out'.
My posts are usually kept short as I seem to have more readers with shorter posts.