Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jungle Movie

UPDATE! Order the book,'Growing up Yanomami'
at book@missionpadamo.org

I have reviewed the book written by a friend, Micheal Dawson, entitled '"Growing Up Yanomami" . Mike has emailed me stating that any of my readers interested in purchasing his book will be given a reduced price of $20.00 with no shipping charges. If any are interested, please leave comment as I do not have the mailing address with me but will have it for you by tomorrow.

I had also written about the book entitled "Spirit of the Rain Forest" which is the biography of a Yanomami shaman ( witch doctor) who I know personally. You may be interested to know that his life story is being made into a movie! He is from the village where Mike writes about his growing up experiences. Check out the website for more details of the upcoming movie, entitled "The Enemy God".

The Story Shake is a powerful shaman of the Yanomamö people. He wields his power to heal and to protect his people against their enemies in this world and beyond. Tracing his life and the life of his community over 40 years of their history, Shake tells how he and his people grapple with new ideas that come from the outside world and the challenging decisions they make in order to maintain their identity and survive as a people.


Susan said...

I loved the book, and I'd love to see the movie! Thanks for the heads-up!

Jungle Mom said...

Oh! I am so glad you liked it. I worry sometimes to recommend it to people as it is a bit raw for the westerner.

Rancher said...

"it is a bit raw for the westerner"
Growing up in the rural West I can’t think of anything more raw, except maybe growing up in a jungle somewhere. My first job at age eleven was holding baby lambs so we could chop of their tails and for the boys, their testicles.

Barbara H. said...

I'd love to get '"Growing Up Yanomami"!

If the movie "The Enemy God" is anything like "Spirit of the Rain Forest", it will be great.

Pam said...

I'm interested in the book.

Michelle in Mx said...

Yeah, I read this book already since my uncle lent me his copy but I'd like to get my own, and when I check out Amazon.com they had 2 "new and used" books starting at $135 - Ebay had one for $170
SO I will GLADLY order from missionpadamo.org!