Friday, April 11, 2008

Missionary Moment

Pastor Victor

Allow me a moment to update you all on a subject very dear to my heart, the ministry among the Ye'kwana in our village.

About a month ago, my husband received a call from the satellite phone in Maripa from a young Ye'kwana man, Lisanio Cortez. Lisanio grew up while we lived in the village. He attended my children's Sunday School class but at about 14 years of age lost interested in the Bible and church and began to drink and party nearly every week end. He did not care to spend much time with us after that. ( Lisanio is the son of Jorge, and grandson of Petra.)

Then the phone call. He wanted to tell my husband he has become a follower of Christ! He made the sacrifice of the little money he had to tell us as he knew we would want to know. What a blessing!

Then, yesterday, Pastor Victor called. He called to ask our prayers for the ministry of the church. The church in Chajuraña is organizing a Bible Conference to be held in June. Several Christians from other villages will be attending. It will require much work and difficulty to arrange all of this without any mission planes or financial help. Some will travel from the Amazonas state. This will be a long trip involving canoes, buses and more canoes! Several days,
if not weeks, on the fellowship with other Ye'kwana Christians.

We are so excited to see the church continue and grow on its own! They are maturing and reaching out independently. What the government of Chavez has tried to halt can not be halted!!!

The very gates of hell shall not prevail against God's church!


Becky said...

Chavez might try to put out the fires, but it only fans it further into flame. He doesn't know what (or Who) he is up against!

Charles said...

Wonderful news.

I shall add his name to my list tonight.

Brenda said...

Great news. You know you have done a good job when the work continues even after you are gone.

MK said...

Yeah good news that, glad to see Christians persevering. Good on ya JM.

Tom & Kandice Keegan said...

What a blessing!

Rosemary said...

Amen! What a blessing indeed! The tomb could not hold Christ, nor can man stand in the ways of God. This is wonderful news!

OT: I have been tagged by a friend to define myself in six words or less and to write a post about it. Um, I'm kind of asking if it would be okay if I tagged you. Well, I kind of already did, but you do NOT have to accept. I just think it is a fun thing to do, if you feel like it.

Here is mine: I've been tagged! Have a great day, and God bless your family and you.

Pat said...


Is GOD awesome??

And, the ministry goes on and one can take their love of God away!! And to fellowship with likeminded Christians!


Harry said...

Of course, if this story ever gets made into a Hollywood movie, that won't consider that a happy ending. I suppose that's why movie attendance is down.

Rebecca said...


The Localmalcontent said...

I'm sure the news of the young man's accepting Christ thrilled your hearts. Great news and great joy.

Often reminded how things and people must work through God's time, not a time of our choosing; His ways, His timing are best.

Great joy!

Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

That is great to hear of their moving forward despite the political opposition! Amen!

Pam said...

What moving news. Tears here in my eyes right this very moment. God will continue using the seeds that you and Clint planted there. god bless those dear people. Where did the young man call from? Had he gone into the towns?

Michelle said...

Praise the Lord for the wonderful news of the young man's salvation and for the continuing work of the Church there!