Tuesday, April 01, 2008

50,000 Visitors !

Today at 6:27 p.m.,
I had my 50,000 th visitor!!!

A little feed back...

If you are a long time reader here, which of my posts was your favorite to read ?
Is there a personal question you would like to ask me ? (No promises, but I might answer it.)


The Localmalcontent said...

Congratulations on reaching the Big 50! 0,0,0~!

Your popularity is well deserved, and your kindnesses, well appreciated, Rita.

One thing this 'Newbie' would like to know, if you please: Are you and the Pastor in Venezuela now? I've seen via my SiteMeter that a city in Florida, St. Pete, is the location given for your visits to the LMC;
My locations' given as Tulsa, and I am far from Tulsa. Wondering...?

MightyMom said...


Goat said...

Your posts about your jungle experience as a missionary were my favorite.

Michael said...

50,000? Wow, I thought I was cool for hitting 9,000 during a vacation...

You are a blogging magnet!

Shortstuff said...

Yay finally first comment!
I like all your posts about Obama and Hilary and such. They're funny!

pilot-pooja said...

Many Many Many Many congratulations dear jungle Mom for ur well deserving success!!

Though i like all ur posts, but this one was very heart-rending:


Yah one question..
How to keep oneself always updated with his/her surroundings..!

Best Regards,

Nicholas Z. Cardot said...


I have one personal question for you. You are on furlough/deputation right now right? If you are in any churches that are even remotely close to Washington DC can you let us know so that my wife and I can come to the service and meet you guys! We both love reading about your work that was being done down south and would love to be able to say hello!

Jackie said...

My question for you is this: The surgery you had right before you left Venezuela...what was it for?? Hee hee. Just kidding.
Or maybe you could answer this one? WHERE on your body were you bitten by a 24 ant?

I'm soooooooo nice.

Jungle Mom said...

Your site meter is correct. We are in the states for one year as we travel to churches to speak about our ministry and give a report to all that have partnered with us in Venezuela. We will be relocating to Paraguay this summer.

Jungle Mom said...

I guess I am a very curious person and am always reading or asking questions. I like to know what is happening behind the scenes!
In Venezuela, things are happening that are not often in the media, but 'people' talk and share.

Jungle Mom said...

First, for some reason, I am no longer able to leave a comment at your blog. I have been sent updates passwords to no avail.
We have been in the D.C. area already and it does not look like we will be there again this furlough! I would have loved to meet you guys! Will you be any chance be in Florida????

Jungle Mom said...

Jackie! You are not nice! You deserve a spanking!!!! I may surprise you and blog about the '24' experience one day. Or I might save it for the book...

groovyoldlady said...

I love any and all of the ones where you talk about life in the jungle. You've opened up a whole new world to me!

pilot-pooja said...

Thanks Jungle Mom..
As rightly said by dear Groovy, you have opened up a new world for many!

Liz said...

My favorite post, is the one where you published your wedding album pics :D

I also love any of your jungle funnies.

De resto, simplemente me siento feliz de conocerte Rita!!! (aunque sea virtualmente, jejeje)

Cheesecakeluvrs4life said...

You have such a great blog, and you always post cool, neat, funny things! Congrats...wow, I don't even get 1% of how many visitors you get! Your awesome! My favorite thing posts are always about your different jungle stories....it is so neat to see a different way of life. Thanks for the fun post!

redneck preacher said...

Two type of post are special to me.

First, there are MANY aspects of life in the jungle of which I am ignorant. Dirt floors and spitting visitors, undiapered crumb crunchers, liquid spills are a few of the lovely characters of dirt-floor-ology I learned from your post.

The second was the biographical info about my Christian family that I have not met and will not meet until the Shout.

Congratulations. As your 50,000 visitor last night I am in awe of your blogging expertise. I cannot even get my site meter to work.


WomanHonorThyself said...

all of them!..lol

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Are you ever going to retire? Where do you think you might like to live? My father in law retired but he only lived 3 years afterwards, didn't get to enjoy it much.

M.J. said...

How do you get a site meter?!?!? I WANT ONE!!!! LOL

Congratualtions on hitting 50,000 mark!

Scotty and I REALLY enjoy your Saturday morning sillies!

Jungle Mom said...

I don't think I will retire...maybe re-tread!!!
Seriously, we had always planned to retire in Venezuela.I would like to be near family and grand children. My daughter's family is in Paraguay, my son plans to go to Chile as a missionary and I have two younger daughters still at home...so I can not say yet.
Truthfully, my ideal setting would be a log cabin in W. Va.!!!!

Jungle Mom said...

I think I will start titling my Saturday posts "Saturday Sillies! love it!
To get a free site meter, click on mine and it will take you to the home page.

Kimber said...

I've enjoyed so many of your posts but have to say that your recent one about how you kill "whales with your bare hands," had me truly laughing to the point that I began snorting. (Thankfully that is a rare situation for me!) I had to retell it to my kids. We are learning Spanish in home school this year, so it was a very good anecdote for them. Goodness! I am laughing again just THINKING about it!

I appreciate the small tidbits I've learned on here regarding politics, natural Venezuelan lizard pests (had to tell my kids about that one, too!) and enjoyed the true life stories of the mission work your family did.

Though I've been reading for several months, this is my first time posting :)



Jungle Mom said...

Kimber, welcome! Please continue to comment!

Joe Gringo said...

dang....on the spot here......the one about flying the cessna or whatever 2-seater you were on, and you thought the engine cut out............vvvvvvvveerrrrry Indiana Jones-ish.

Question? Besides anyone in your family, who in your opinion was the most incredible human being to walk this earth? Can't use Jesus Christ or Mary.

Jungle Mom said...

Joe, My first response is Ronald Reagan. But most incredible of all times... hmmm...The Apostle Paul.

The Localmalcontent said...

Rita, your other commenters here suggest that if you were to post you and your husbands' speaking schedule, many of us, myself amongst them, would love to come, worship with you, meet you.
(I could share my two-week visit to Venezuela with ya'll, too)

Can you possibly post a schedule in the margin? We could make plans...?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love your posts about your experiences in the jungle, as well as your Venezuelan political posts.

Question: Have you read The Poison Wood Bible?

Jungle Mom said...

I have not...but I am buying it tomorrow!
I may not have 'read' it,but after reading the summary, I think I may have 'lived' it!!! LOL!

Jungle Mom said...

I do not normally post our itinerary too far ahead because of "wackos" (Chavistas). I have received some threatening comments before and do not wish for such types to show up where we may be speaking.
However, I can tell you that we rarely head out your way. My husband is headed to Missouri this week and that is about as far west as we will get except for a trip to Nevada in June.

Jane said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! That is quite an accomplishment. I have liked so many of your posts I could not possibly think of just one.
What food from Venezuela do you miss the most?????

Jungle Mom said...

I miss good queso blanco!!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Congrats!!!! Keep up the good work.

Liz said...

Rita, about the queso blanco, I found this, they seem to have venezuelan cheeses!!

Yekwana Man said...

Way to go Babe!!!! I stand in Amazement!!!!!

Pam said...

Congrats! You've hit the "big time"!

And boy could I ask you some personal questions!! LOL Actually, I could "tell" some juicy personal tales, but being the LOVING BIG SISTER that I am, I would never! *grinning slyly*

Happymama said...

My all time favorite story is you sentencing the men of the village to death with your death stone soap. LOL I tell that story to everybody and laugh everytime.

I also enjoyed the snake one you did recently, but haven't been able to find it. I wanted to show mom. And I like the story you told about how y'all killed taranchulas.

I don't have a personal question really. But I look forward to reading other's questions and see how you answer them.


cube said...

Congrats on reaching the big 50,000! I'm sure the next one will come even quicker than the first.

Webutante said...

Congratulations, Rita. Nice work.

Do you know until today I had no idea how to check my stats (other than my profile views) and acutally have never cared. However, somehow I saw them for my new blog started 6 months ago, and was amazed.

If in any of this, only one person gets a whiff of the Gospel of Christ or moves towards conservative principles---even one person---then it will not have been in vain.

God bless and keep up the good work!

Charles said...

WOW that is about 15 years worth of my Aunts and Uncles.

Congrats and keep 'em coming.