Saturday, November 08, 2008

Happy Birthday to my SISTER !

My Big Sister!

You taught me...

How to be neat and wash my feet before getting in to bed!

How to fake a fever to skip school by placing my face over the heat vent! (Yes, you did!)

How to put on mascara!

How to harmonize!

How to wash dishes! Especially since getting your hands wet always sent you to the you know what!

How to babysit and have patience with little ones!

How to laugh and cry at the same time!

How to make Banana Pudding!

How to shop till you drop!

How to scream on a roller coaster!

Hot to take sermon notes during church!

How to clean a bathroom that would pass any ones inspection! (Even Monk on TV!)

How to spy on boys !

How to open locked diaries!!! (Ooops! UH...yeah, sorry about that!)

How to use a CB radio! To flirt with guys!! He he!

How to annoy my brother!( I think I would have figured that our on my own eventually!)

How to love Southern Gospel Quartet Music! ( Especially the Cathedrals)

How to love God and put Him first in my life!

In Mexico! We were SOOOOOO young!

Still lookin' good girl!


Mrs. Who said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet sister!

(Although in the picture it looks like she's trying to push you out of the frame!)

Liz said...

feliz dia PAM!

Kimberly said...

I loved this! Just saw her tonight and wished her a happy birthday

Z said...

I have plenty of sisters and love them all like best friends.
I had to smile wondering what they'd put on their list for me and likewise. I like the idea..Thanks!

i hope JM Sis has a GREAT DAY >> Blessings to you z

MightyMom said...

It's her birthday?????

OH, I have to go over and wish a 19th??

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your sister.

Nina in Portugal said...

Oh my gosh...I had NO idea she was your sister!! I read her blog! Am I SLOW or what?!?---I just did a post about this.....being slow I mean.... Happy Birthday!!

Thursday's Child said...

Happy Birthday!

Betty said...

Happy Birthday! I like her blog too.

Brenda said...

Very nice! Sisters are the best.

I love the bow on your sisters pink shirt. I used to have one like that. . .the good old days! :)

Jane said...

What a very sweet tribute to your sister. You are blessed.

Pam said...

Oh the tears! You know me, it doesn't take much to get me emotional! I can't say that I remember teaching you how to unlock diaries! You just told on yourself BIG TIME! I had forgotten that I taught you how to put on mascara! I would love to be young again so you and I could ride a roller coaster together just one more time! I bet I can still out scream all the other riders!
About loving God, no little sister, you have taught me!

Rebecca said...

3 cheers for Pam!!! Happy birthday!