Sunday, November 02, 2008

Personal Update

We have all been busy getting involved in the people around us and learning more about our new home. My husband made another trip, this time to the Chaco of Paraguay. My daughter and son in law also went. I stayed home with the grand daughters which was fun, and tiring!

Once again, I find my house littered with the toys and mess of little children and it is wonderful! We sang and read and watched way too many Barney DVD's.

Aren't they the cutest?????

My husband brought back some goodies that they discovered in the grocery stores there that are not available here in AsunciĆ³n. Mainly, chocolate chips!!! And marshmallows, honey roasted peanuts, and real sour cream! It seems that when overseas we always check out new areas for goodies, never knowing what may show up.

He has also been able to do more preaching and teaching. This was mission month at our church and he shared the ministry we had in Venezuela as well as taught on Faith Promise mission giving. It is exciting to see the church here also involved in mission work.

We had a Paraguayan missionary from Cuidad del Este over for an American breakfast. He specifically requested that! So we had pancakes and made maple syrup...the works. We also met a Uruguayan couple starting a work in Uruguay.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my husband had been able to visit and hand out Bibles on the Air Force base. Last week we had 4 airmen visit the Sunday service and today there were 12!!!

My husband is part of a small group of men meeting each Monday night for Bible study, and I will begin meeting with a group of ladies this Thursday. My oldest daughter Jackie hosts a small group of ladies at her home on Tuesdays. The two girls meet with teens for a small group on Thursdays. On Friday night Jayde has been attending an English youth group and Saturday they meet at church for a teen Bible study, again with my son in law. Jewel is also discipling a young teen girl and Jayde is singing every Sunday. I need to get busy!

So we are becoming more involved. Right now we are in the process of trying to get the necessary details for starting a Bible Institute for pastoral training with the proper accreditation. This requires lots of research and information gathering, but is necessary in the long run.

We are finishing up our school year here. I have decided to keep the Paraguayan school schedule so that Jayde has the same time off as the other children so that she can participate in summer camps and other activities. This means we are coming up on summer break here, over Christmas. We will start the new school year in January. Since we were behind due to the move, this is working out well for us.

Please keep us in your prayers!


Gayle said...

They're precious indeed, and beautiful, Rita!

All those goodies you mentioned we her in the US just take for granted. Americans take so much for granted... like their freedom. Ain't it a cryin' shame!

God bless you and yours and always keep you safe.

Betty said...

So glad to hear that you are integrating into the Paraguayen life. It´s always easier to feel at home, when you have lots to do.

Z said...

Oh, are they CUTE!! Thanks for posting the pix!

Great information here...keep working for Him

Gayle's right, we take things for granted. You do without the little things yet your life is SO RICH! Shows what's really important. xxx

MightyMom said...

did you have biscuits and gravy with grits?? mmmmmmmmmmmm.

okay, I'm hungry.

Thursday's Child said...

They're precious! I just want to eat them!

I'm glad things are going well there for you. Sounds like you're making it a real home. Having grandbabies nearby certainly helps, doesn't it?

Jane said...

They are aDORable! I am sure you were SO upset that you had to babysit! (LOL)
God bless you and your family in your efforts in Paraguay to further His kingdom.

Brooke said...

Beautiful children!

It's good to hear you're doing so well!

Webutante said...

Precious, Rita. Yesterday I went baby stuff shopping with my lovely daughter-in-law who's expecting in late January in NYC!!

Glad you're well and adjusting.

Paqui said...

Hi Rita,

Welcome to Paraguay. If one day you come for a visit to EncarnaciĆ³n please let me know. I really enjoy your blog. In certain way we are in a similar situation. Living far away from our countries. You from USA in Paraguay and I from Paraguay in Australia. I will be going back to Encarnacion for good in about a month.

I do understand what is the feeling to be far away and in different culture and language. Somehow, it does bring us close to our own roots. Your blogs (thoughts) about USA are so vivid and have a feeling that it touches me. There a few things I do not agree with but I respect your opinion. You have the courage to tell to everyone about your opinions and feelings.
We all need to be away from our confort zone to expose our feelings.

Thank you very much.

Hasta pronto ,