Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random notes to myself.

Quit trying to watch Iron Chef Japan! It only gives me a head ache listening to the Japanese while reading Spanish subtitles.

When arriving at a home, do not knock or bang keys against the bars, as in Venezuela, just clap your hands!

Para recordarme :
Aunque no tengo bebe, si tengo un coche.
No tengo carro, pues, que no tengo caballo!

Manteca is BUTTER here. ( Real manteca is grasa de chancho, chancho being pig)

Female infants are NEVER to be called 'hembras'.

Quit saying 'chevere' and 'na guara'! They say I sound like a Venezuelan novela ! ( soap opera)

Remember the ice cream is no longer buy one get one free on Monday's. The cashier informed us it is now 50% off...but NOT buy one get one free!

Do not allow my husband to eat food prepared by other women unless I eat it also.They may cause him to fall in love with them by adding 'something' (Trust me, you DO NOT want to know!) to the food.

The Paraguayan Paratroopers coming to church in their uniforms with red berets are NOT chavistas !

The word 'obama' in the Guarani language means 'he just left' or 'he is moving'. I was informed of this by a friend and have checked with many Guarani speakers and they all agree. SO...every time I say the word 'obama' I will pretend to be speaking Guarani and remind myself that Obama will also move out of the White House one day! Nothing is forever.

All tennis shoes are called 'Championes', actually all closed toed shoes.

Watermelon is a very dangerous food to eat, and if eaten at the wrong time or in combination with the wrong foods, it can kill you.

McDonalds delivers! Ice cream can also be ordered and delivered to your door.

Y ...Vos! Vos! Vos!


MightyMom said...

MUTE the Japanese and just read the subtitles silly girl!

what happens of they don't hear you clap? do you applaud??

watermelon is dangerous? well, guess I live dangerously!!

yes, term limits are wonderful!

McD's delivers? holy crow!
what about Dominoes?

vos y'all vos

glad you're getting adjusted! :-)

Siberia Tom said...

Yes but did you know that if you eat Ice Cream when it is -40C that it has a warming effect as the Ice Cream is only -5C. So we eat it to take the chill off. T&D

Betty said...

LOL!! "Vos" really made a good post! Did "Vos" really call the baby "hembra"?? hahaha

Jungle Mom said...

betty, I did! In Venezuela we often refer to babies as macho and hembra!

Liz said...

Vos tenés qye acostumbrarte! aunque 'sho' creo que los paraguayos son muy particulares con la comida... la patilla es peligrosa??? 'na guará!!!


Jungle Mom said...

liz, Vos tenes razon!

~K~ said...

I love the Guarani meaning of "obama!"

We get silly combinations of translations when we watch TV. They were interviewing someone in Kenya after the election, and I don't know what they were speaking(it was hard to hear), the subtitles were in Portuguese (from Euronews) and dubbed over in Russian! Ack!

BTW, in case you saw my latest blog post, our electric is back on, and internet! PTL!

Brenda said...

Yes, we know not to allow our husbands to eat food prepared by other women. I rather doubt they want to after our conversation.

These differences are hysterical and keep life interesting for us. I rather doubt you will ever totally lose your Venezuelan, and that will keep you unique and charming to us all.

Anonymous said...

I guess you need to be pretty flexible there for awhile til you get used to the place.

ExPreacherMan said...

Jungle Mom,

Thanks for visiting our Blog.

Yours is very interesting -- and such a beautiful family and the pictures of your scenery are outstanding.

What a life you live for the Lord -- If I were only 50 years younger!!

In Christ eternally,


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I'm sure I can probably comment on the rest of your post but I'm still caught up on the:

"McDonalds delivers!"

Not any McDonalds by me. I feel left out.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've been embarrassed recently... ;-)

Barbara H. said...

I'd be in real trouble if McDonald's delivered! I can imagine the headache being an English speaker listening to Japanese while reading Spanish subtitles! Almost makes my head hurt just to think about it.

Funny the differences! My husband was in Brazil this summer, and a common hand gesture here for "ok" is an obscene one there. He had to keep reminding himself not to gesture.

Brooke said...

McDonald's delivers there?

Sign me up!

Starla said...

Watermelon will kill you!!! And McDonald's delivers, that is great!!!

grammy said...

I loved the post by your daughter Jackie. I have been forgetting to read you so had to go back a ways. My Daughter has traveled all over with Team Expansion and now with Sharpening your inner personal skills work shops for missionaries. She lived 2 years in Kabual and had some hard times. People always asked me how I could let her do that...My question was how could I not? Bless you and your family.

Findalis said...

Love Iron Chef. It makes me creative in the kitchen.

Love hearing that Obama means "he just left". I will remember that too every time I hear that name.

Z said...

What's with the watermelon there?

Chrstopher, I"m with you on the mcDo's, as we call it in Paris!

JUNGLE MOM...your random notes are SO much fun to read. Thanks. I miss you when I haven't had time to come by. This made up for it.

See you soon!! xxx

Glenn Bartley said...

"Remember the ice cream is no longer buy one get one free on Monday's. The cashier informed us it is now 50% off...but NOT buy one get one free!"

There must be democrats and socialists down your way; or just some dumb people!

Pam said...

Agustin replies, :What? You mean Obama in Guarani doesn't mean "THAT ONE"!!! (as in last debate!

Tacogirl said...

:D That's funny about Obama!

Jungle Mom said...

Mad Hatter, I appreciate your comment but think the avatar is a little racy for this blog. Thank you for visiting and please do come back again.

Thursday's Child said...

Yep, McD's delivers as well as Hardee's, BK, Popeyes, etc. They're big on delivery here. In fact it's the only way to get some of that stuff during the day during can't eat out in public during daylight hours.

Sun Productions said...

I've found that every word I learned in Spanish that has an alternate word, then the Paraguayan use the word I didn't learn. Strawberries? Butter? And what about all the herbs? I have to take my empleada to the market with me so she can translate the Guarani into Spanish! And my Spanish is not that great.

Caraqueña said...

sounds really similar to Uruguay!