Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Things I See

This is my cat.
She is very beautiful and the most 'people friendly' cat I have ever owned.
My youngest daughter took this photo of her.
Verja's Photography

This is my cat after getting left out in a rain storm. She would not have anything to do with us for several days to show us how upset she was for being disgraced in this manner!

This is the new puppy, Shichuca.
Anna, the cat, is not pleased to have to share her domain with a dog.
(Think Garfield and Odie!)
Verja's Photography

Poor puppy!
No idea what's about to happen !


Dawn said...

Those picures are great! I wish I knew how to edit my shots in such a professional way. She caught the animals in perfect poses - love the last one! The first one is gorgeous. When I first saw the Verja name, I thought she had combined her last and first names.

If you have a minute, come and check out the shot of our neighbor's cat, who loves our yard better than hers, that I caught yesterday.

Betty said...

I love those shots! Jadye is already a really good photographer. Ready to step into Jackie shoes.... :)

gecko said...

These are fabulous photos! I've been patiently waiting for "Verja" to update her site............. :)

Dani Joy said...

Oh great pictures! Poor Puppy is right. What a way to fill a void. I am sure they are going to keep you hopping.
The puppy is adorable and the cat is beautiful. They should adjust.

Kathy said...

Beautiful pets! :) I hope that they will soon be friends! :) Congrats to Jayde on her photography!

R Lennon said...

Jayde's photo is awesome! Cute puppy, I know how the 'sibling rivalry' can be among pets.

MK said...

Yeah that is a beautiful cat, but i'll take the little puppy anyway. Man's best friend and all that you know.

Susan said...

Love these pics!! Especially the last one - poor puppy! ;)

Pam said...

Your cat has such beautiful Abbie eyes! And the doggie's little face is just too cute! I bet he was a bridge to help Jayde not miss everyone too much?

Liz said...

I would live to have a house... then I could have pets !

Really lovely pics!

Humble wife said...

That last picture is a show stopper and I have seen that play out many times here at my house.

Makes me laugh to no end thinking about the next moment!