Thursday, January 21, 2010

Money ~ Dinero

I cleaned out all  of my purses and found coins from:

Venezuela, Bolivares

Costa Rica, Colones

USA, Dollars

Paraguay, Guaranis

Argentina,  Pesos

Uruguay, Pesos

... and strangely, 

a bill from China, a 10 Yuan bill!

Now, please, someone tell did I ever come to posses Chinese currency?

What is in your purse?


Betty W said...

Maybe someone smuggled it into some change they were giving you.... What will you do with all of it?

Findalis said...

I found a couple of moths but no money.

The Wallace Family said...

Only Philippine pisos in my purse. :~)

Z said...

I kept grabbing for quarters at the bottom of my purse when we moved back to LA and coming up with Euros, which are about the same size. Frustrating!
Did you all know the Euro has a representation image from the country from which it originated on one side?
We lived in Paris and, on the first day the Euro was introduced, we were at the cafe and was it funny watching our waiters trying to figure out the bills.
Within TWO DAYS, it was fascinating to see how many countries' euros we'd been given in change............boy, do people move around fast!

redneck preacher said...

I really don't think Chinese money is so strange. After all, did not Hillary C and her hubby have that in their wallet?

Missionaries, tsktsktsk all that money

Anonymous said...

Rita, as a old time Navy person I am embarrassed that we got caught with out new bomb that causes earthquakes.
We were testing it so we can destroy Iran.
Who let the dogs out????

Glenn B said...

Do you do work on the side for the CIA and maybe forgot a trip to China?

Brenda said...

I have a pence from England that keeps following all of my wallets and purses around. And I went there over 10 years ago!

Brooke said...

You must've blacked out and spent a wild weekend in Hong Kong?

Nah.... ;)

I don't carry a purse. I like wallets. Men have it right on that one!

Debbie said...

No currency, that much I know! Maybe a used tissue. Is that worth much on the black market?

Kathy said...

I've got Netherlands Antilles Guilders. They don't start with bills until the 10 note, so your purse is always very heavy with LOTS of change. The fives are the biggest and heaviest and somehow I always end up with enough to make my shoulder droop! Yes--where did you get Chinese money?!?!?!