Friday, July 02, 2010

The Things I see...

The spontaneous street party in down town Ciudad del Este after we defeated JAPAN!

Paraguay made it through to the quarter finals of the World Cup. Tomorrow we play Spain which will be very difficult...but NOT impossible!

I'll be with them in spirit!


Gringo said...

I was so glad to see Thugo's friend Maradona coach his team to a smashing defeat. I drank an extra portion of yerba mate in celebration

Go Paraguay? ( though Lugo isn't exactly an enemy of Thugo..)
To the extent that I can take soccer out of politics, go Paraguay!

Findalis said...

Were there riots in Paraguay? There were in L.A. after the win there.

Dani Joy said...

awesome shirt!!! Sorry you all are out now. It was a fun run though!!

Way to go!

Dani Joy