Saturday, July 17, 2010

Brrrrrr... My name is Jungle Mom! NOT Polar Parent!

It has been in the 30's and low 40's for several days. The thing is that no one has heat, just space heaters or fireplaces. The houses are cement and the windows are not very well sealed so it is hard to keep warm inside. The wind is coming up from the south pole with a cold front and rain and we are to have 6 more days of this. It is very hard on the Paraguayans that have to be out using public transportation.

My son in law, Brian McCobb, is the greatest! He loaned us a window unit AC/HEAT combo so we now have heat in my room! He also procured firewood and we have a fire in the living room! Now, if the Argentinians continue to not sell the Paraguayans propane I can  still cook in the fireplace until the American shipment arrives! (The Argentinians seem to think they need the propane to heat their own houses...can't say I blame them.)

Was that a penguin that just walked through my house?????


Linda said...

Our weather has been in the 100's, and a lot more of it to follow! I don't know which is worse...cold, or heat. One thing with the cold, you can put on more clothes, but you can't continue taking of more clothes!

Stay warm!

Findalis said...

Trade you. 95 degrees F., Humidity 95%, air conditioner broken, will take 3 weeks for the new part.

Betty W said...

I´m suffering here too. This weather is NOT fun. I completely forgot how it feels like and have not missed it!

Gringo said...

Linda: I tend to the better to add clothing when cold point of view. However, a TX relative had a different perspective. He said it was easier to wipe sweat off your brow than to wipe icicles off your brow.

Summer here has been cooler than usual. Hasn't hit 100 yet, and summer is more than halfway gone.

The ideal climate for me is that found tropical mountains, from 5000 feet up. Highs in the 60-75 range, lows 30s to 50s. Every day. And seeing mountains adds to it.