Monday, July 19, 2010

When I look into your face

I watched my daughter hold her youngest little one the other day. It was like a time capsule. I saw myself in her face and looking at the babe, I saw my daughter as she was when but a babe.

Was it not but a few months past the mother was a baby in my arms?

And was it not but a year or two ago that I was the smiling young mother cooing at my little girl?

And then I look into the mirror and see, not the babe, not the young mother, but, whom do I see?

My very own mother, looking back at me!

And in that moment I felt the earth move under my feet as it made its continuous turn from which it never slows. I was just a passenger trying to stand atop the moving ball of time...


redneck preacher said...

Precious pictures and memories. I hope you live long enough to see the next set. Won't Heaven be wonderful


marion said...

beautiful !

Gringo said...

Each mother has a big smile.

Pam said...

Gee sis, thanks for making me cry!