Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last week

 Via Facebook status updates.


Please keep us in your prayers as we travel to Asuncion for a doctors appointment and to check our mail. Its raining cats and dogs so it will be a slow trip. Hopefully, my washing machine part will be in the mail!



We made it back home and managed to get the tests Jewel needed and she now has her diagnosis confirmed. She has a thyroid condition which is treatable but will be a
long haul to get her levels back in balance.This condition had a domino effect on other systems and we are now trying to get things back on track before she leaves for school in Florida on August. 3,Pray for her (and US)!



So about Blue Grass in Ciudad del Este last night... we sat behind a Taiwanese business man and in front of a Texan who came across the river from Brazil for the music.The band tried to teach them to yell out 'YEE HAW'~ we had some 'HO HO's' and some 'HEE HAWS' and a strange variety of other' hees' and 'hoos'! Quite  entertaining!


I tried to explain to Elelna that tomorrow she will be meeting people from England who speak English but that it would be the Queen's English. She was very excited to hear of a real live queen but somehow, she seems to think she will be meeting the Queen herself rather than two lowly subjects of the Queen! I need to tell my British friend to wear her tiara tomorrow!



Woke up to find no lights in most of the house. The one and only outlet in the kitchen works but not the fridge or lights. In the living room three lights were out and one bulb is working at half capacity...but I have internet! 

It's Abbie's Birthday!



CHURCH PLANTING MODEL #1. The Parachute - A planter and their family move into a new location to start a church from scratch. The planter has very little
connection with or existing support within the new area. The planter and their family are "pioneering" new territory. Where there is great risk, there is great reward. 

GERONIMO! I'm a paratrooper now!



Clint preaches in Spanish in the AM, plays the trumpet in the
afternoon, and translates in the PM. Brian is preaching in Asuncion and
we have the grand daughters for the week end.



Monday Morning Headlines in Ciudad del Este ~ 7 violent murders in under 8 hours. Remind me to stop reading the paper, OK???? (it compares to Caracas if you adjust for population)



Pray for Clint as he travels across country by bus all night. He has meetings tomorrow and then comes back tomorrow night.



I just made two batches of granola. Peanut Butter /Chocolate Chip and Raisin/Cinnamon. Last week I made Cranberry/Pecan/Maple and it was like Thanksgiving in a bowl! I can't make it too often though, because all of those ingredients are imported and expensive here. was your week?



Kathy said...

Oh boy! Look what I miss when I miss a few days!!! Glad all is OK and be careful over there!!!!!

marion said...

How special and sweet that royal visitors came to see beautiful and fun Princess Elena and Princess Abbie and Princess Lexi! They will def invite them back to the Royal palace at some point.

Bob said...

I'd love to sample the granola some time!