Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Long Trip

 We have been traveling again.

Monday morning we drove to Asuncion and returned last night. That may not sound  like a very long trip to you but we actually left in  the summer, with temperatures in the high 80's F, and did not return until winter with a low of 36 F last night!

36 F may not sound too cold for you in the north but, we do not have heat in the house here. And the houses are mostly cement and not insulated and...I know, I'm whining, right?

It is just that I do not DO cold well. I signed on for jungle, steamy tropics! How did I end up in a parka inside my own home???

May as well have moved to New Hampshire for goodness sake!


Anonymous said...

I live in the NORTH and I don't DO cold well either, so I can definitely sympathize with you! Hope it warms up for you soon! Do you have any space heaters? That might be something to put on a list for the near future! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jungle Mom. I read your blog from time to time, having come across it through La Gringita's blog. Both of you ladies are to be commended! Off topic, but possibly interesting to you, I accidentally came across Dr. Ulf Erlingsson's blog, with an entry he just posted yesterday: It just happens to be about Eva Golinger (I know, NOT one of your favorite people!). I made a comment, to which he responded. But, so did Eva! I thought you might enjoy reading it.

Brenda said...

Hi Jungle Mom! Your post is so accurate! The weather changed so suddenly on Monday! Even though we knew the south wind would come with cold weather, it still took me by surprise. I love sitting in front of our fireplace with some craft in my hand, drinking maté and having my family close by:) I'd love to get to know you better. Are you with NTM? Where exactly are you in Paraguay?

Betty W said...

Oh yes, it was cold!! And such an awful icy wind! UGH! Only 2 more months to go, then it will warm up again.

Gringo said...

A story I remember about a cold spell in that latitude came from a work colleague who had gone to Salta (Arg.) so his wife could give birth in a good urban hospital. A cold wave hit Salta, but there was neither adequate space heating nor adequate blankets at the hotel where he was staying.

His solution was to take a mattress from another bed in the room and put the mattress on top of him.

I would loan you my grey poncho from Paraguay, but by the time it got there the cold wave would be over.

To go from 80 to 34 in a short while is hard on one's equilibrium, especially if one doesn't have enough layers to put on.

People who moved from warmer climates to New England often made the mistake of not putting on enough layers of clothing in cole weather, which is how the locals survived the winters.

Rita Loca said...
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Rita Loca said...

NicaCat,I can not deny that I said that. I do feel that she has prostituted her political ideas for fame in Venezuela. I of course do not think she is a prostitute of any other kind.
I find it funny she noticed that little comment and took such notice of it as to call me pathetic. I found that entertaining!

Anonymous said...

JM, I concur with your opinion. I, too, found it funny how she responded! Who's calling who pathetic, right? Bests!

Gringo said...

JM, check out Kepler's blog: on lands allocated to indigenous people in Venezuela, and how it fits into Thugo's geopolitics.

He also comments on the same issue in Caracas Chronicles.

JulieMom said...

It's freezing here in South Africa as well. Same situation as you: no insulation, cement homes, bad windows...only we don't have a fireplace either. Only one propane heater.

And they're out of gas at the shop!

So my hands and toes are FREEZING right along with you. :0)