Monday, July 11, 2011

Jungle Cuisine

Here is a collection of photographs of some of the things I have eaten during my time in the jungle. (I did not take all of the photos myself. Some were shared by friends. Thanks to the Dawson, Findley, Jank, and Mutti families.)


(Photo by Michael Dawson)

Roasted Monkey

(Photo from the Findleys)


(Photo from Michael Dawson)

Palm Grubs

Earth Worms


Gator (caiman)

(Photo from Jacob Mutti)


(Photo from Jank's)

( This is the only one I have not tried, but thought you would like to see it anyway)

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DASI GLAM said...

You're a very brave woman. I think I would rather go hungry and it wouldn't hurt me to lose some kilos.