Monday, February 12, 2007

Venezuela , Yo Te Amo!

Ten Things I Love about Venezuela;

1.The Coffee

2.The chocolate

3.The weather

4.The people (except for HHH and his jolly men in red, but I do pray for them)

5.The beaches

6.The cheap gas




10.The Flag


Pat said...

What is Pabellion and Pepitos?

What is the price of gas there...surely cheaper than here ($2.07 or so for regular at a cheaper station)?

And, I am sure the weather and beaches are to die for!!

And, you are definitely to be praised for the prayers for the "king"!

Shane Rios said...

it end's the18th

Pam said...

I sense some nostalgia here! The flag is beautiful, but not as pretty as the good ol' USA!!! Aren't Pepitos the sandwiches you all love withthe caca sauce? What is a Pebellion?

Sis. Julie said...

There sure is a long list of things you love about Venezuela. I'd love to go there and see these things you speak of sometime.

Ashley said...

I'm sure the weather us beautiful!! I would love to see the country you all love so much!!

And it's something to be admired to pray for those who don't deserve it! (but if I think about it...that'd just about be everyone! LOL)^_^

Rancher said...

The cheap gas could be the straw that breaks the camel's back. When prices dropped the Soviet Union found that they could not continue to subsidize their population but you can't take entitlements away. So the government fell. Chavez, and Iran, are both playing the same game.

Jackie said...

1. Arepas
2. Tajadas
3. Hayacas
4. Chichiriviche
6. Margarita
7. Abuela Betty's house
8. The churches
9. The coffee
10. Cachitos

LOL...most of mine are foods! I must be pregnant...its awful craving things you cant have..the one disadvantage to have traveled so much and TASTED so much cuisine!

Kim said...

What are #6 & #7?

monti said...

Hi Rita and Clint,

Put us down for a signed copy of your book. I really enjoy reading your blogs.

I should have scott start one up for the scattered sisters to keep in touch.

Not much news from Channonland. Bethany has started piano lessons. Debbie Cedergren and I have been asked to speak at a women's conference in May.

We just passed our 1 year anniversary of leaving Ven - feb 10th. wow....

just wanted to say hey and we love you, so hey!! and we love you. mj

Caraqueña said...

2. The weather
3. Hallacas
4. The Christians
5. Chichiriviche
6. Colonia Tovar
7. Arepas
8. El Avila
9. Arepas
10. Pabellon--to those wondering, the national food of Vza--black beans, pulled beef, rice, arepitas, fried plaintains--the best meal anywhere!

Jungle Mom said...

Pam, yes Pepitos are the steak sandwiches we like with Guasa cac sauce! And Beth descrubed Paballon, but here in Lara we put a fried egg on top!

Beth, you really like arepas!!

Jackie, you poor thing! Now everyone will want to know what hallacas , tajadas , and cachitos are!

Jungle Mom said...

Pat, gas costs, hmm... I'm kind of afraid to tell you all! It might cause a riot! ALMOST 10 cents a gallon.

Monti, So good to hear from you all. It could still be a few years before the book is a reality, since you are reading, I'll have to start posting all my MAF stories!!!