Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Languages and an Update

The reason the tribal languages are so precise and very descriptive is , as many of you guessed, because they do not have clocks! You have to be able to tell someone when to go, or do something without relying on "o'clock"!

Even in Bible times this was common. You will often read such things as, "before the cocks' crow", or other such descriptive phrases, in the Bible.

My husband has returned home from two trips. He traveled to N.C. for a training conference in order to open a chapter of Reformers Unanimous in Paraguay. This is a faith based addiction treatment program we hope to use in the church there.

He also traveled to Venezuela for a national Pastor's Retreat. He taught on marriage and child rearing. It was a quick and difficult trip for many reasons, but a profitable time of ministry.

We leave tomorrow for another missions conference. We will be HERE.

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