Monday, February 18, 2008

Tuna, Tuna, Tuna !

Often times in the jungle the only fresh meat is whatever is hunted. In the mean time, one eats a lot of canned foods and beans. The following is a poem written by Linda Myers. She was a missionary wife who worked in the jungles of Venezuela.

I would have written this poem myself, but, she thought of it first!!!

Tuna and fluffy rice is nice, and tuna and macaroni.
Tuna creamed, tuna sandwiched -and tuna and rice again.
Complaining is a sin,
I know Dear Lord - but don't tell me it's tuna and rice again!

The people went hunting today
...maybe they got a lot
...maybe they'll pass my way-
but if not-
it'll be tuna and rice again.

Oh good, here they come with a nice piece of meat
I'm glad they've brought us some,
Yum! We'll have wild pig to eat.

"Please just lay it in the sink while I pay the man"
Yes, I know it stinks,
but I'll clean it up the best I can.

There the meat lay with hide, hoof and hair.
I'll trim and pick
and pick and trim.
Guess some of 'it' will have to stay.
No one will know 'it's' there anyway!

Brown it good, and bake it long.
It shouldn't turn out tough.
Oh, why did I complain?
I'm not having it so rough.

The meat is gone-
Platter licked clean-
That surely didn't last long!

Well, guess it's back to the same song
... Tuna and rice again!

How to cook a wild boar

Marinate in this mixture over night :

2 cups fresh orange juice
2 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
2 tsp dry hot chili pepper
1\2 tsp garlic powder
Mix well
After marinating, splash with worcestershire and slow cook over a
wood fire or wood chips.

Buen Provecho!


MightyMom said...

we had a friend kill a boar in their field. The butcher wouldn't dress it as it was toooooo messy and nasty. Said my friend had to clean it first then they'd chop up the meat.

you know it's bad when the butcher says it's too messy!

Jackie said...

oooohhh...I'm hungry!

Liz said...

My stove almost blew under my nose last friday... so, I guess we'll be on the tuna menu for a while.

I wouldn't dare to cook a boar in the microwave :-P

I'm trying to keep the good humor, hehe

jennifer said...

Now the rice IS nice, but the tuna would get monotonous! I must say that if a wild boar is on sale...or killed then I will zip back over a copy your recipe! ;0)

redneck preacher said...

Of the MANY wonderful attributes my wife has, the ability and desire to pick hair out of the proposed pot roast is not one of them.

Well, if God placed us in a place like that I am sure she would adapt but she likes her meat wrapped in plastic not hair.


Teresa said...

I love tuna but I might have a different opinion if I had it everyday. As far as the hairy pig, don't know about that.

Brooke said...

You could always change it up with Spam. ;)

Pam said...

Oh he's too cute to eat!
Loved the poem and humor. I could eat TUNA everyday!! Love it. Folks I used to babysit for would always buy tuna for me to have while there! Remember Drucilla? I can hear her voice as plain as day sapying, "The boys can have hotdogs and chips for supper. Oh and for you there are two cans of tuna in the cupboard for ya'." And she would smile really big! She also would pay me with Barbie Doll clothes! I loved it!

Brenda said...

I have eaten wild boar and no amount of preparation can make it palatable as far as I am concerned. The smell of it cooking is enough to chase even the best appetites away. :)

Dawn said...

I know God knows who He can send out to deal with such situations! Very good poem. We are so spoiled!

Beemoosie said...

Oh my!! It makes me laugh, but I bet it's all true!! God bless you!!

cube said...

I could eat tuna all the time. I love it.

I will keep your recipe handy for the day I hunt and eat my own habali.