Friday, September 05, 2008


The climate here in Paraguay can change in a moment. It all seems to depend on the wind. We had two hot days. I mean, HOT! Like 40* C ! Then, over night, the temperature dropped to 12*C, which is COLD!

The hot days were caused by the North Winds blowing in. It seems those winds are always dusty! The cold days are caused by the South Wind which blows up from the Antarctic. Today is a cold South Wind day.

If you are unfamiliar with the Celsius temperature and converting it to Fahrenheit , here is a quick little trick I learned years ago. It's not precise, but will get you within a degree or two for a mental conversion of temperatures.

Celsius to Fahrenheit:

Double the number, then add 25.

40 + 40 = 80
80 + 25 + 105* That's hot!

12 + 12 + 24
24 + 25 = 49* That's cold!

To go from Fahrenheit to Celsius,

Subtract 25, then divide by two.

105 - 25 = 80
80 divided by 2 = 40*


Dawn said...

It's 48F here this morning - I hope Indian Summer comes back for awhile! It's too early for autumn. Thanks for the tutorial - I never can remember how to convert.

Brenda said...

Its crazy, isn't it? But be glad for the cool, in the middle of January we will be missing these cold days :)

Betty said...

Thanks for the conversion tip.
Luckily sometime soon, the rains should start and then the winds will be less as well, but the cooler weather will be missed....

Rancher said...

After years of ranching I can predict when it's going to rain on the llano. Depending on the weather.

~K~ said...

I love your formula for converting Celsius to Fahrenheit!

Findalis said...

We've been having rain here in Illinois for the last 2 days. If this keeps up, I'm gonna start building an ark.

66F here.

Humble wife said...

Excellent way to convert...I have never seen it so easy...:)

Charles said...

So where was this simple rule of thumb when I was so busy with my study for my Weather Watch/ Sky Spotter Certification ?