Monday, September 22, 2008

Have You Ever ?

Have you ever?

Listened to the sound of rain falling upon a palm roof?

Heard the songs of howler monkeys in the jungle?

Seen the double rainbow stretched over the canopy?

Watched the majestic macaw soar overhead?

Fallen asleep to the sound of the river flowing past your window?

Swam beneath the spray of a waterfall that has no name?

Heard the complete silence of a night, when you were all alone?

Seen the full moon so bright, you can cast a shadow at midnight?

Listened to the thunder roll across the jungle, and heard the voice of God?

Followed the tracks of a jaguar down to the creek, hoping to catch a peek?

Stand under the jungle canopy, looking up...and see no sky?

Felt the sun beat upon you as you lazily float down stream in a dugout canoe?

Loved a child with dark, black, shiny eyes?

Swam in a current that nearly takes you away?

Eaten a sun ripened pineapple, straight from the garden?

Drank the cool, clear water of a jungle mountain stream?

Held the hand of a tribesman, and truly felt him to be your brother?

Smelled the smoke of a camp fire, hours before you arrive?

Been held in the embrace of an Indian grandmother, who "rocks" away your pain?

Eaten a fish that was speared only moments ago?

Had your face lovingly painted in onoto, and felt beautiful?

Had to leave it all, not knowing when , or if you would see them again?


Dawn said...

I have not. But I can feel your homesickness!

Pen of Jen said...

I also feel your longing. FYI I can only attest to the loving the child with the dark black eyes!!!

*****on a lighter note---The web cam has added lots of humor in the penofjen home(fortunately or not so fortunately the jungle hut gang has become witnesses)!!!!************

Mountain Mama said...

Your love for the jungle and your time there is well written in this post. I can only imagine how you must ache with longing for that precious time and the people you love so much. God bless you Rita and comfort you with a wealth of new friends to surround you with their love and grace you with many-many more precious memories.

Father Gregori said...

Dear Jungle Mom; I know that this is off message, but I just wanted to let you know that I have posted my final blog posting. It will be up for the remainder of this week and then I will be removing the blog permanently.

Thursday's Child said...

I'd hate to leave that behind. While I'd console myself with all the modern conveniences I'd get to enjoy, it just wouldn't be the same. {{{Rita}}}

Kopatopie said...

You're making me sad that I've done none of those things!! :(

Betty said...

It´s a big change, isn´t it?
Hope you feel at home here soon!

Brenda said...

So sorry about your loss. I pray God will give you as many fulfilling experiences here in Paraguay.

Kepler said...

Beautiful text. I have had the privilege as well, thanks God.

I once was taking water from a river when I realised a blueish humming bird was approaching and was about to try to land on my head in a very slowly pace (I moved and it just went away slowly and not as a turbo as close to urban areas). It was a magic moment.

I have been just standing in front of the tepuyes completely alone and thinking: so must the Earth have looked several million years ago. So what it seen when my Indian ancestors arrived.

I love mountains. When I arrived in Europe and started to climb here, I kept watching every crevice I was putting my hand in, weary of a mapanare or another venomous snake.My friends kept asking me: what are you looking at?

Even in my house in a city, next to a mountain, I was used to being awakened by so many birds...the whole year around.

And do you remember the guacharacas?
I hope you have guan√°banas and guayabas and other fruits like that in Paraguay as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jungle Mom,

Is there some way I can send you an email? Or you can send me one without posting for all to see ?


Jungle Mom said...

I have sent an email but often they are spammed. Check in your spam for an email from Paraguay.

Sis. Julie said...

I have not experienced all those things you mention....but I can imagine that you get pretty homesick. Thank God for His grace that He gives when we obey His calling in our lives and are in the center of His will.

You are such a blessing Sister!!

MightyMom said...

wanna hug?

Starla said...

This was very beautiful, it gave us a look at some of the things you have seen, heard and smelled during you lifetime.

Brooke said...

It sounds like a little bit of Paradise, JM!

Findalis said...

No but would love to do many of those things.

Nina in Portugal said...

What a blessing to have had these experiences! Beautifully said!

And you still have your life so you can pass these on to others like your grandchildren.

Jungle Mom said...

I am glad this brought you happy memories! I suppose once one is accostumed to be on the watch for mapanares, it is not a habit easily laid aside!
I've had a few close calls myself!

Jungle Mom said...

Kepler, OH! And I meant to ask if you have ever been to Jasper Falls?

Betty said...

I don´t know if you "do" awards, since I have not seen one on your blog, but I have given you one. It´s ok, if you don´t send it on. I just felt you deserved it!

Kepler said...

Yes, I have been to Jasper's Falls. It is cool to lie there and feel the warm water (yes, a warm river!) passing by and just relax.

I was amazed at how slippery the area can be.

And have you been to the Emerald Lake close to Quebrada del Paují?

The Localmalcontent said...

'Yes', to many of your questions, sadly, memorably.

Jungle Mom said...

Kepler, No I have not. Most of my travels were in Amazonas more than the Gran Sabana.

McCoy Farm said...

I haven't either but I sure want to...=) I hope you have a Peace even though you're homesick right now. May God Bless you for all His work you have done & will do!

Anonymous said...

I understand jm.I left 6 years ago, and not a day goes by that I don't miss it.I lived in a Quinta in Caracas,not a jungle hut but still: mango trees, chicharras,a view of the Avila, the small sloth in the avocado tree,el cristo fue que me paso por la nariz, tunes of the old ice cream truck ,el loro that screached " Silvia traeme un dulce" intimate friends & family,el zapatero,our kids singing infantiles,& growing up,my dear husband playing indian harp ,church bells,joropos,gaitas and all those glorious mornings of coffee, mangos and sun.....are in my heart forever.Abrazos,& thanks firepig

Jungle Mom said...

Cantos infantiles come, 'Los pollitos dicen, pio, Pio, Pio'!
Tierra de gracia!

Which is why the present situation con el Comandante es tan increible!

Becky Aguirre said...

You are making me homesick, too! The deserts of Mexico have beauty of their own, but it's not the jungle...

Z said...

this was one of the most beautiful lists I have EVER read.

WHAT beauty you have seen and felt.

Charles said...

Yes to number 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 15.

I love this post. It's one to print and keep.

You know even those who don't live in a Jungle can experience thing like these.

Rain on a tin roof
Song of a BlueJay
Wind rustling in the leaves
A fresh peach

All these things are amazing creations from God. His voice surrounds us. You just need to truly listen during your quiet time.

Jungle Mom said...

My email gets sent back each time. Can you leave it for me again? Maybe I had it wrong.

Anonymous said...

I spent some time in the jungle in the Philippines. My memories of it are not so pleasant. Stinks, rot, mildew, snakes, mud, wet all the time, rust on weapons, fittings, can't keep the electronic gear dry even in bags, foot fungus, radios don't work, land navigation almost impossible,cuts get infected right away, filthy all the time. But maybe the jungles in South and Central America are better!

Jungle Mom said...

A I guess a jungle is a jungle.. I have experienced all those as well.
I posted a bit about it here: