Thursday, April 02, 2009

Painted Ladies!


Jayde wearing her traditional Ye'kwana face paint.

Jewel is all decked out.
SHHHH!Don't tell her I posted this!
She does not like for me to post photos from her chubby childhood!

Jackie on the war path!

My youngest grand daughter likes to wear face paint as well!

Elena, Abbie and Jackie, in their war paint!

My daughters grew up in the jungle and always enjoyed painting their faces with their indian friends. We no longer live in the jungle but we still seem to like to paint our faces. Makeup is ok, but when you really want to be beautiful, you need your war paint!

Jewel's collection of beads.

Even the legs get painted and wrapped in beads.
It's all about the accessories, you know!


Betty said...

To each his/her own, I guess. I don´t even like make up... :)

Kathy said...

Very nice! Question: Did the ladies in the jungle shave their legs? Just curious after seeing the leg paint. Also, did they paint for special occastions only, or more often? Thanks and have a nice day! Oh--did they make their own paint, or buy it from somewhere?

Jungle Mom said...

Kathy, I love your questions! The indians are nearly hairless and do not need to shave. They painted to feel pretty. Certainly for special occasions, but sometimes just because. They make their own paints. The leg painting was supposed to keep snakes away. I preferred a machete!

Brenda said...

It looks fun and whimsical. I want to try it sometime! ;)

Original L said...

Mrs. Vernoy! My goodness, I didn't know you had a blog! My brother said he friended Josh on Facebook recently and I just stumbled across your blog. You might remember me as the redhead kid next door :-) I'll have to come back and catch up on how life is treating you guys!

Beverlydru said...

Hi again. I found you through the comments at Gutsy Writer's. And I found her through BallerinaGirl who lives in Brazil. I love to travel and am fascinated by life in different cultures. I enjoy variety in life and friends!

Lady Glamis said...

I love the painted legs! Pretty! Thank you for sharing. You have beautiful children and grandchildren.

Starla said...

Great photos!

Pam said...

Just like I've seen on Nat Geo.

~*♥Verja♥*~ said...

Oooooh! I'm gonna tell heeeerrr! :)

Yes. I prefer this over makeup ANY DAY!

Joy said...

That youngest grandbaby of yours is the cutest!
Thanks for posting and giving us a glimpse into the Indian culture.