Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Personal Update

Good Friday Evening Service

Things have been very busy here. Good, but busy. I find I have not been able to visit many blogs regularly. I try and get around to everyone's at least once a week, but am not always able to.

Ministry wise, things are going well. We started the small home Bible Study here at the house for married couples and it has grown from 4 couples to 8 couples. It is fun to host them here at the house. We have one couple that has only been married for a few weeks and others ranging up to old married folk of over 20 years.

Couples Bible study at our house.

The back patio is perfect for the group.

Clint has also been able to continue with his outreach to the Paraguayan Air Force. The Commandant has asked him to begin another series of seminars on Saturdays for all the enlisted men. This has brought many good contacts. One of the men in the church is and officer in the Air Force and has been able to help with this tremendously. 38 men have placed their faith in Christ! On Sundays several people with cars go and pick as many up for service as we can, but not all are ever able to make it, so they come in turns. Easter Sunday several of these men, and others, were baptized by my son in law.

Sunday Morning Service.
You can see an entire aisle of the servicemen in dark blue uniforms.
They crack me up as they stand at Parade Rest during each and every song.

Clint has enjoyed the time with the military guys and was invited to watch the paratroopers jump. He has been offered a chance to jump as well as the rest of the family. The girls will probably do it but I don't think my back would handle it too well. BUMMERS! This is something I would truly love to be able to do!

The other church we have been helping has also increased in attendance of late. Clint was able to speak at a family camp for them and also the three day revival during the Easter week. There is a lead on a possible pastor for them which would be great!
Clint preaching.

A session at family camp.

Sunday School class.

Jayde, Jewel, and a friend before church .


Nina in Portugal said...

Praise the Lord for a wonderful update!

god is Good!

Brooke said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Easter service!

Dani Joy said...

Love the mural in the Church! How incredible.
Praise the Lord for your ministry there in Paraguay!

Betty said...

I´m so happy for you that you are seeing such success in your work here.
Your girls look happy and I hope they and you are feeling more and more at home here!

mushroom said...

Those are great pictures. Having been in law enforcement for a brief time in my sadly misspent youth, I always enjoy seeing cops and servicemen in church.

I also got a kick out of your post about cleaning the Catholic church. My wife and her family were Catholics.

Harry said...

OK, so now we know why you're so busy. I hear that Muslims are trying to make inroads into S. America just like they're trying to make inroads everywhere. I hope you get to people first.

Brenda said...

I love your pictures and they make me kind of homesick. I'm glad God is giving you so many wonderful things to do. Miss you!

Lady Glamis said...

This looks lovely! I'm so happy it was a good Easter for you.

Humble wife said...

Ok first off, you had me laughing so hard in the previous post!Wafers lol

How exciting for you to see everything blossom! Wonderful picture of you and Clint!

Kathy said...

What a nice update! :) Praise the Lord! BTW, you are looking great! Keep up the good work!

Z said...

thanks for sharing the pictures !
The miracle of computers that we can all see your life there! xx

Debbie said...

What terrific Easter weekend photos. Great.

Anonymous said...

Seems like things are going well. I'm glad your work is advancing and you are meeting new folks.

MightyMom said...

carry on sister

sherrinda said...

What a beautiful backdrop for your Easter service! I have a specail regard for missionaries. My husband's family has relatives in Mbale,Uganda and Honduras, and Malowi. What a beautiful gift to the Lord. God bless.