Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun in a Cessna

Here is a video my husband made while flying low over
the Caura River, Bolivar State, Venezuela.

This is a landing on our short airstrip. The airstrip was 440 meters long and we always had a bit of a downdraft as we flew in over the river. On this day the downdraft was quite strong.

A slide show of our jungle flight program.


T. Anne said...

Bravery abounds! Thanks for sharing!

Charles said...

Wheeeee Hang on

Kathy said...

Super cool! I felt like I was there! Don't know if I'll ever make it, so thanks! :)

marion cde said...

Very very cool!
"Pura adventura."
Thanks for sharing this.

Debbie said...

Amazing! That is really fun to see.

Jody Hedlund said...

Wow! Everything about what you are doing is bigger than I can imagine!

Jungle Mom said...

T Anne, I was usually scared to death when it came to flying!

Charles, You would have loved it!

Kathy, I'm glad it was fun!

Marion, Thanks! I hear things were pretty adventurous in your neck of the woods last week. Wild West shoot out style!

Debbie,I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Jody, It is so fun to be in the service of God!

Webutante said...

Oh wow! What fun.

Anonymous said...

My husband wants to someday become a pilot and help missionaries but God hasn't opened that door for us. Pray for us. Thanks!