Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My Week

 (My husband speaking to the Jr.students at the camp)

My husband has been gone this week and most of last week as well. Last week he was speaking at a Spring Retreat for the Jr. High students of Asuncion Christian Academy. This last week he has been in Tucuman,
Argentina speaking at  a Bible Institute and church there.   Its a hard trip for him involving two 24 hour bus trips.

At the same time, Jayde has been at the Spring Retreat, which has left me home alone. Very alone! I thought this would be a great chance to do some serious writing but without my family around, I seem to have no muse. I have not been able to work on the book much, just a little editing, and have even had trouble with writing posts for this blog.Thankfully, Jayde is home now and Clint arrives tomorrow. He is on the bus now.

Its not that things have not happened this week, its just that, I can't seem to sit down and write any of it. I had jotted down  some notes with the intent to write them up, but that never happened. I did pull out my scrapbooks and managed to do a few pages  before I lost even that spark of creativity.

 Upon Jayde's return from the camp, I was left wondering how it was that I sent her to an English camp in Paraguay and she came home speaking Chinese and Korean words.

 (Look closely and you may figure out why she picked up some Chinese and Korean)

Then there was the afternoon I spent making empanadas. Whole wheat, low fat , baked empanadas to stash in my freezer for evenings when I needed to eat something healthy and quick. I had baked all but one pan full, when I left the kitchen to escape the heat. Its definitely summer here! When I returned to remove the last pan, I discovered my dog had learned to open the kitchen door and had eaten all my empanadas off the counter where I had left them cooling. I was not happy!

I also discovered this week that I have become the little, old, lady that talks to her cat! Speaking of my cat, she had a kitten. She wanted to have it in my lap, but ended up in Jayde's room on her bean bag and there they are still!

I also received news of Jewel's Mid Term grades. She has done very well, and the fact that she is dyslexic and has to work extra hard at her studies, makes me very proud of her grades! Her lowest grade was 80% in English. She just sent me an email from her English professor telling her she had made a 100% on her essay!

It seems she also won a costume contest. She was a gypsy. She is the girl in the middle.

(Jewel and friends at school)

I also spent a few days waiting on a delivery truck. This involved several phone calls and delays.

"It will be delivered by noon."

" It will surely be there by 2."

"Ok, it will be there after 4."

" Perhaps by 6"

" It might be there in the morning."

but it finally made it!

Oh! And my electricity keeps going out, but only in half of the house. I have learned the fuses for each part of the house, usually Clint deals with all that stuff.

I have been reading a lot and am in intrigued with the Royal Family of Brazil, the Braganza's, and have followed their history down to the present day Pretender to the Throne of Brazil  whose baptismal name is: Bertrand Maria José Pio Januário Miguel Gabriel Raphael Gonzaga de Orléans e Bragança; In  English: Bertrand Mary Joseph Pius Januarius Michael Gabriel Raphael Gonzaga of Orleans and Braganza.I think he deserves to be Emperor with a name like that!

And did I mention the garbage men refused to pick up my trash? I was late on my payment because I was not home the day they came by to collect. I met them on the side walk, standing next to my trash, and paid the fee but they refused to take my trash until the next scheduled  pick up. So I had to cart it all back inside to keep the dogs out of it. That was fun...

SO... that was my week,

how was yours?


The Local Malcontent said...

So sorry you had a rough week, JMom, but still I'd have traded mine with yours.

I trust all will be better soon, don't you?

sorry for my absence here~

firepig said...

This week for me was par for the course...waiting on people night and day, and longing for a few minutes of peace and silence-and maybe a few minutes alone.I did have those few minutes in the end.

Even as I write on the computer I am usually juggling my grandson who gets into all kinds of mischief...

I have one brief memory of standing alone for 5 or 10 minutes on the back deck , looking out onto the autumn forest and breathing in the subtle aromas of wet leaves, gossamer and chimney smoke.

It will suffice.

In its rareness my alone-ness is that much more precious.

Betty said...

Well it sounds like some pretty maddening stuff there! But I´m sure it will all be well again, when Cliff is there.
Congrats on being a kitty gradma! :)
And yeah for Jewel making such good grades! Makes a mama proud!

gecko said...

I think you can take the honours for the most interesting week ;).
Our only disaster was the water pump died..... no shower after mowing the lawns, no water to clean our teeth.....

Kathy said...

What a week! How nice to know that it's getting better with your daughter home and your hubby soon home (maybe already there)! Enjoy the new kitty!

Anonymous said...


Now I'm hungry again...

Brenda said...

Thank goodness for internet! At least that distracts us a little in the midst of all that stuff!

Joyce D. said...

I love reading your blog,you are one fine BLOGGER!
My week so far is pretty exciting at least to me.My 3 (out of 7) siblings are coming out for a very important family occasion.So needless to say I'm excited.So much so that my blood pressure is so low...like 89,(top)and pulse raising too high(for me) that I am somewhat concerned.I have Afib,so I'm having a bit of difficulty with this whole thing lately...A REAL NUISANCE FOR SURE.But then I just read my friends blog ,as she is battling double breast cancer(I mean she had a breast removed AND then got the inflamed cancer on THAT one).SO then I still have a lot to be thankful for.So anyway I'll do alot of praying this week ,and maybe you could say a prayer for me if you'd be so kind.My hubby also not home for a couple of days....otherwise ALL IS WELL!!God's Blessings!!!