Sunday, November 08, 2009


By Jewel Vernoy                                      

With all these modern conveniences, have we turned a deaf ear to the music that God made for us? Are we able to hear His still voice or are we deafened by the things we deem necessary.
            When people return home after a long day they will make themselves comfortable on the sofa to enjoy one of their favorite TV shows. After all, what is 30 minutes or an hour? But more often then not, once one show ends, they find another by accident that they simply must watch. And as the fascinating scenes from the TV show flutter before their eyes and they hear the jokes from the characters they end up spending hour after hour in front of the TV. Perhaps Jesus is standing patiently in the corner waiting for you talk to Him?
            When a person hears the click of the power button on their computer and watches the screen come to life, anticipating talking with their friends on MSN, AOL and Face Book or listen to their music, when they place the head phones over their ears can they hear the slight sigh of sadness from the dearest of friends as  He watches one of His loved ones once again ignore Him. With so much entertainment just a click of a button away, we can waste so much time doing absolutely nothing of value.
            As people walk down the street and look up at the billboards and see the ads of all the new inventions that will help them in one way or another, and they run to the store to purchase them, can they hear the footsteps of Jesus following them or are they listening to their Ipod with the music blaring in their ears? And how is it they can hear their cell phone when some one calls but can not hear the voice of Jesus as He calls their name ever so sweetly and pleadingly?
            Why is it so easy to listen to all the music and voices of the world and so difficult to hear the voice of Jesus as He speaks to us? Is it because of all these modern conveniences that we cannot spend a few moments to open our Bibles and read the word of God but we can spend so much time watching TV or playing video games, and then we wonder why our walk with God is not what it should be? Perhaps we should learn, as did Elijah, to listen to the still, small voice and not the earthquake or the thunder.
            God paints the sunrise and sunset each day that is never the same twice, but we choose to look at a fuzzy TV screen. When God formed the mountains and valleys and decorated them with tress and flowers did He have a smile on his face even though He knew that one day we would ignore His masterpieces? When the wind blows through the trees and rustles the leaves, how is it that we choose to listen to man made music instead of the music God orchestrated?
             When people watch families on TV laughing and having a good time, how is it they do not decide to spend time with their own families? There could never be a sweeter sound then a baby’s laugh! If only people will forget about the shallow entertainments the world has to offer and see the beauties that God has so wonderfully made for them in this world, and more importantly what He has given them in their families.
            If people were to stop for a moment and listen, they could hear the music God has made and see the petals of the flowers He painted by hand. They could feel His love when they are hugged by a loved one. If only people would stop and listen to His voice.


The Local Malcontent said...

Jewel, that is one of the best, most moving, most heartwarming posts that I have ever read.
Thanks so much for gently reminding your fans/readers that our God is not impatient, nor impulsive-
No, He is unimaginable compassion, ahd He is unfathomable Love, for us; as He made that unique sunrise which you and your family saw, or that particular rainbow you liked, He had you all in Mind~

You have a real gift for words, Jewel, and here's hoping that you share it, like your JMom does.

Betty said...

Jayde is a wise young woman. She has so much insight and it amazes me knowing that she is still so young.
You have been blessed with a bright, open minded child!
Her post made me think and feel guilty at the same time.
Thanks for the encouragement to listen to what God has to say, Jayde!

Betty said...

Sorry I meant Jewel!

The Local Malcontent said...

(Betty) You meant both girls, right?!!!

gecko said...

Great piece of writing Jewel!
I certainly don't understand why people have to have the radio + television blaring 24/7, I often wonder if they're afraid of silence.
I love the peace + quiet, the bird song, and certainly love the television free house.

Kathy said...

What a beautiful reminder to spend more time with our loving Savior Jewel! THANKS! Have a lovely day!