Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pictorial Essay ~ My Autobiography

I am re posting this for new readers as I have had several emails asking about my life.
Part One~ My Youth

Born in California

To a wonderful Christian Family

Survived Middle School
( Barely!)

Did the Big Hair in College
( The 80's )

Became a teacher

Married a Marine

Part Two~ Motherhood and Missions

First Child
Daughter Jackie

Move to Mexico

Our Church in Queretaro, Mexico

Move to Venezuela
Son, Josh, is Born

Teaching Sunday School
Cabudare, Venezuela

First Furlough to the USA
Children meet Mickey Mouse

Return to Venezuela

First trip into Jungle

Jungle Hike

Third Child
Daughter, Jewel

Teaching Ladies Bible Study

Begin Home Schooling

Teaching other Missionary Kids
(An accident with ink!)

Fourth Child,
Daughter Jayde

To be continued... (tomorrow ~Jungle Life begins)


Holly said...

Thank you, I had not seen this yet. I really enjoy your posts. You are a brave woman!

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

What a beautiful life!

Brooke said...

What a lovely pic collection! :)

Anonymous said...

You've lead a good life. I hope you have a lot of years left to enjoy!

redneck preacher said...

Good post! There are several chapters here. Chapter - Preparation; Chapter - Mexico with a Marine; Chapter - Jewels in the jungle.

Do you think there is anyway we can send BHO to our jungle brethren?


firepig said...

Really enjoyed seeing this

Rio Arriba said...

Thanks for this. We both, apparently, live somewhat isolated lives. I love mine, and apparently you thrive in yours as well. All best wishes to you and yours!

Brenda said...

The picture of you on the stairs with the kids looks a little princess Diani-ish. :)

Kathy said...

Loved seeing these again!

Radka said...

Beautiful photos.