Monday, November 02, 2009

Women of the jungle

Just women, being women.

Raising children.

Laughing at a joke.

Riding the tractor to the airstrip.

Making baskets.

Bringing yucca from the garden.

Doing laundry.

Growing old.

Making cassava bread.

Missionary women too!

Bringing water from the river.

Bringing in the fire wood for cooking.

Visiting friends.


Mrs. C said...

Love it. Beautiful pictures, Rita!

Betty said...

So similar to what we do. And yet so different.
Great pictures and I bet they hold many memories for you!

~Ginger said...

I've found blogging has brought a realization that women here in America are just like me. I've been in awe to find women like Pam that I've grown to love and respect and appreciate so are blessed to have a sister like her.

I know God in his infinite wisdom created and designed this world in such a way that women everywhere must have the same inner desires, joys, and hurts.

Thanks for sharing this peek into your world.

Kathy said...

How brave they (and you) are! What lessons they could teach many of us!!! Bless them!

Brooke said...

What wonderful pics, JM!

firepig said...

I enjoy looking at these pics

mylifesnhshands said...

Hi, Love it. Those photos brought lots of memories..I miss canoeing...

Brenda said...

Love the pictures and the message.

GutsyWriter said...

Rita, it must be women and girls day as I blogged about them too. Great photos capturing women in their daily lives. Thanks.