Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"House Hunting on a Mission Budget" ~ Part two

Both of the houses I showed you yesterday were renting for the same price, about $850.00 US. The first one, which we called 'The Mansion', was in a newer part of town and not necessarily in a secure area (which may very well explain why the owners now live in another house elsewhere!) so the price is reduced.

The second house I showed, dubbed 'The Disgusting Over priced House' is in an older more established area. It is an area of town where there are  armed guards on nearly every street. Location, location, location! They can rent at a higher price ($850.00US) knowing someone will pay just to live in that area.

But not us! I could make this house work with some cleaning, painting and repairs, but not at this price. It looks better in pictures then in reality. I suppose not smelling the mold and mildew helps...

Here are more photos of the beautiful staging done by the owners of "The Disgusting Over Priced House'.

The Patio

The office!

Not sure...

A loft? Maybe???

The guest bath.

As my fellow missionary with years of experience living in Paraguay said,
Brenda said...
Lol! Staging in Paraguay!! Hysterical. More like "you need the best imagination ever to see yourself actually living in this house". Its imaginary staging.


Betty said...

UGH! That bathroom looks so disgusting! I can´t believe someone will rent this house at that horrendous price! I´m hoping you found something better!

Brenda said...

Maybe this was one a beautiful house in disguise. Once all the junk gets cleared out, you discover the real beauty that lies beneath.

Only kidding.

We have hauled loads of junk out of houses we rented. I wish we could just leave our trash when we moved!

Dani Joy said...

OH my!! I agree with your fellow missionaries there in Paraguay, you would definately need an imagination to be able to see yourself living in this one. You have your work cut out for you looking for housing.

We too were looking for homes here in Spain to buy. we were contemplating the house vs. apartament debate. Looked at some, and the prices. The bottom line, to buy here in Spain in the area we are in, we would need a fortune to even put a down payment. Uhhhggg! So the Lord has put a contentment in our hearts for what we have that´s for sure! Someday we may be able to buy in our area, but until then our humble 3 bed, 2 bath, apartment for about $600 will have to do.

Have you all ever bought a home on the mission field or have you always rented?

Hope you find a good one.
Sorry it´s been so long since I have visited. School has been taking up all my time.

Dani Joy

Brooke said...

Whoa. That place does have promise after a complete scouring and junk-ectomy.

Gringo said...

Like they said, the house came furnished. What the house is furnished with is another issue.

Would tenants lose their security deposit if they throw out the junk?
Actually , tenants should be given a discount for getting rid of it. Which I imagine you don't want to bother with. I wouldn't.

Jungle Mom said...

Gringo, there is a security deposit but it seems fairly common for tenants to skip out or get behind and use the deposit for rent. We are going into a house where the last renter left an unpaid electric bill equal to two months rent. The owner is paying it, not us!
BTW, you had asked if I had a Kindle...not yet but it is on my wish list. My daughter has one and the amount saved in shipping of books would soon pay for itself. Buying books is our biggest vice! This year we have had access to school libraries and the library of the CCPA, also other Americans so we have not bought as many as normally.